It Seems Like a Gamble

God said:

Lambs of God, why are you baa-ing, as if you have lost your way? You are right where you are supposed to be. A lamb can only baa, but you, beloved, you can sing. You can make speeches. You can make many sounds from your mouth. And you can sing with all your heart. You have an unlimited range.

You are not lost in a meadow. Yet, you too, like a lamb, find yourself somewhere, and you are not sure about your bearings. Maybe you just woke up and seek companionship. Maybe you are sleepwalking in your search for companionship along the way. You crave to be an individual at the same time as you crave to be part of something. Maybe you just like to make sounds.

Of course, you already are both an individual and part of something. You are part of something grand. You are part of a unique experience on Earth. You are a wayfarer. You are a wayfarer using a compass you cannot see and cannot always set, and, yet, even so, you are on the right course. A perfect star is leading you. You don’t have to see the star in order to be led by it. You are following it. It is leading you.

You have heard it before. You are exactly in the right place at the right time. The space you occupy is yours. Where you stand is where you are supposed to stand. Where you sit is where you are supposed to sit. What you are doing is exactly what you are supposed to be doing. The only thing is that you can get up and stand somewhere else or sit somewhere else or move to another country, and you are still exactly where you are supposed to be. Which comes first? It is more than a door that comes first. You do, and I do. We come first. And you have heard that I am everywhere.

You can have a choice of two doors to open. It seems like a gamble. Yet whichever door you choose to open, it’s the right one. It may be the right one for a short time or a long time. It doesn’t matter. It’s the right one. Even if it’s the wrong one, it’s the right one. Pardon yourself.

If I am everywhere, how can you be somewhere where I am not? And if We are One together, what can the matter be? Oh, yes, in the world, plenty can be the matter, and, yet, from another view, all is light, and you are lighted up. Whatever circumstances may surround you, you are light, and you are the light of My heart. There is only one place you can be that makes a difference, and that is in My heart, and, in My heart, there is no difference. There is only light. There is only love between Us, and yet it is not between. There is only Us. We are the Truth of life, this mission you are on with Me, no matter how wayward you may seem to yourself.

And, so, the only right place for you to be in is in My heart, and that’s where you are, and that’s where you be. There is nowhere else for you to be. Of course, you are in the right place.

And, yet, there is no place. You stand nowhere. You sit nowhere. You move nowhere. You are nowhere but in My heart. The lamb of God is in My heart. There is room for all. There is room for you, and yet no space whatsoever is needed. Love occupies no space. There is no space for it to occupy. If space did exist, love would still take no space at all.

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God's Lamb? God the shepherd?

Heaven Letters points out the obvious. Because we are God's lambs, this means He is our loving Shepherd. How safe is that? We lift our hearts to Him and say WOW!!!! Thank you God!


Heart Song

Dear God,

Please help me sing my heart's song. The true song of my heart, without any obstructions. Without judgement and without performance. Just pure sharing of that which is true in my heart. Can You help me do that?

Thank You Self