It’s a Beautiful World

God said:

So much of what occurs in the world depends upon your view of the world. There, I have said it.

There is a tendency for the children of My heart to feel that they are inconsequential. I understand that the world may overlook you. The world can and too often does, but that’s the world for you, and so feel overlooked, unnoticed, unimportant if you must. However, I AM your Creator. The world is not to recreate you. I created you, and now you create your own view of the world and your place in it.

I tell you that you have a prominent place in the world. I am not feeding your ego. I would not feed your ego. What am I saying has nothing to do with ego. It has to do with your Spirit, and it has to do with your responsibility. Don’t feel burdened by the thought that you play an important part in the world. You can hold the world up instead of putting it down.

Certainly, the world has a trail of errors. Anyone can see them. Anyone can point out the errors of the world, for they are yours as well. You may cry out for more love in the world, yet, what are you giving to the world but your impression of it?

The world that you see reflects your view. The world does dance to your tune. You are not meant to reflect a humdrum world, nor are you meant to reflect a scary world. You have to hold your shoulders high. You are to minister to the world, not point out its faults. This is not the first time that you will do well to treat the world as though you are the parent of it.

Your child may have broken a dish. He may have spilled ink. He may have thrown toys everywhere. A parent who is building his child cannot only comment on the broken dish, the spilled ink, the disarray of toys, not to the child and not in a parent’s own thoughts. Give your child a hug. Help him pick up his toys without harping on him. It is essential that you point out the beauty and goodness of your child to him.

And so must you uplift and inspire the world. It is for you to remark on what you want more of from the world. What is the tenor of your thoughts, and what is the tenor of your speech that you convey to the world to encourage it to blossom into the fullness of its splendor? I know you want splendor. If you are going for splendor, you can’t keep swirling the muddy waters. And so, keep the pure fresh water of your thoughts and your words coming along.

If you want peace and prosperity, think peaceful and prosperous thoughts. If you prefer to protest and provoke, you likely will create more protest and provocation. Which is smarter, beloveds? Some of My children tend to prefer excitement to peace. Some of My children may prefer complaint to pleasure.

Now that you know the way to progress, progress. Let your thoughts lead the world to green pastures.

What if you cheered the world on today? All you would have to do is to think and talk about some of the great things that you have seen or remembered or desired. Picture what freedom looks like. Picture what happiness looks like. Today has held glory for you and will hold more glory in it, and you are here, present in the world, to point its glory to a world that looks to you to show it where you want it to go.

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If you want peace and prosperity, think peaceful and prosperous

Yes dear God, I see how important it is, to realise the glory of today and to present it to the world, so the world can look at me and see where I want it to go. Today I missed it one time but did it another time. But I'm sorry cause I missed to give one time only because I thought that I am not important. I am important to the world you tell me today and you are right. Everyone is important to the world.

where you want it to go

This Heavenletter of today is not ordinary. Those who have eyes to see let them see. Those who have ears to hear let them hear!

Blessings to every Heart.
Blessings to all Creation

pease and prosperity

Love to me equals pease and prosperity. Love here at our place is so Big, nothing else matters. I have said this before "My cup runs over" wow does it ever. Love to all Jack