Is There an Argument?

God said:

Beloved, who is to say that you are to be other than I made you? Who is it that dares to say you are to re-sort yourself or to be restarted? Who has the God-given right to decide for you? You are responsible for yourself. You are not at the will of everyone who believes he or she knows better. I made you. You and I, as One, made you.

Beloveds, I give you Free Will over yourself. You are not free game.

In a marriage ceremony, it is said: “Let no man take asunder.”

Who is there to decide you are to change into someone else? Alas, often in the so-called world, for one reason or another or for no reason at all, you may decide you are supposed to be made in another’s image.

Beloved, you have your identity that belongs to you. It is yours, not anyone else’s. I say to everyone: “I made you in My Image. No one is to rewrite what I have written. Know every child of Mine as I set him forth. Let him be.”

I never gave permission to anyone to take you over to be remodeled according to however he or she may deem to construe you.

Look, when you are in school, there are others whose ideas are forcibly set before you.

Of course, be courteous without giving your will away. Others are to give you free governance as well.

It is perfectly fine for you to be as you are instead of the way someone else wants to decide for you.

My Will be done.

It isn’t My Will that you be taken over by anyone, no matter how well intentioned they may be. The most learn-ed person of personality on Earth isn’t to juxtapose you according to his will.

Who in the world is to say that you are to be different according to his or her standards? Let not might be right. You are not to be subjoined.

Each soul has his sacred rights. At the same time, dear freedom-lovers, this isn’t to say that you are sacrosanct. Yes, of course, you are free to take yourself into account. This isn’t to say that you have the liberty to impinge on others at your will either.

Everyone is to be granted mercy and goodness. Freedom belongs to all.

Is there any argument here?

I repeat this theme of life to all: There is room at the Inn for all. No one is to be force-fed.

No one has the right to impugn on another what religion he must believe in. Why would someone cramp how someone else feels in his heart when there is room for all at the Inn? Beloveds, I do not cavort with ego. I say there is room for all. Is this not clear?

By what right does any other on land deign to take over another’s heart of hearts? Who can assert over another what he ought to feel or think or believe? Where does this idea come from? Where does this idea come from as if it were a divine right? This is not a

This looks a lot like bullying. To no other have I assigned the right to take over your mind and heart. I say no. I say you are to decide for yourself. No one is to decide that you are to be remade in his image. What moxie is this? I do not concede this right to anyone.

Dear, no one is to make up such decisions as if in My Name. All My Children are holy, including yourself, yes or no?

Not one of My Children is authorized to take over for even one of My other Children. Hands off. No one is authorized to take over for Me. You are each My Beloved. Be My Beloved. No one is to deem to take you over in My Name.