How Christ Healed

God said:

Beloved, within healing lies a relationship through which confidence flows. Without effort, something passes through the one who gives healing and the one who absorbs healing.

It is also possible that it is the patient who accepts the healing the doctor brings. Something happens that is beyond calculation. Who is the healer or the healed isn’t so easy to say.

A cheerful attempt at camaraderie and determination to heal and determination to be healed go only so far. Healing cannot be reproduced or manufactured. It cannot be faked. Healing does not come from effort.

Healing comes as it comes. It comes when you are not looking. There is a connection between the healer and healed. It is definitely not style We speak of. It is not about impressing one’s will upon another’s will.

Christ was not seeking a name for himself. In healing, something deep happens, or it does not. What happens is above the world. It is like a buzz that happens. Healing is the embracing of two souls. It is a communion. It isn’t obeyance.

Some years ago, I, God, got right down to healing with the question: "How did Christ heal?"

There is something in Christ's Will to heal, yes, that is yet beyond his Will or any individual’s will and more akin to My Will. It is something that travels in consciousness. It doesn’t come from a book. It goes beyond an X-Ray.

From a spark of connecting, and, yes, awareness, a healing passes simply and humbly beyond power of will. The healing may have passed in front of Us or passed before We knew it. It was no spectacular great event. Something happened. Perhaps, illumination reached the healer's fingers.

Christ did not bow down to any illness. He did not revere any illness. He didn’t study illness. He did not set out to be a great healer. He desired to touch. His hands of healing were like hands simply flowing through water. There was no effort in his bless-edness of healing, no obstacles to his healing possible. There was no necessity to heal, certainly no urgency. Christ healed without so-called effort. There is only healing.

Christ did not see illness. Illness did not exist for him. Naturally, his simple healing went far beyond any mechanics of healing. His healing surpassed the healing of the physical body.

I would say his healings can be likened to the Peace that passeth understanding. One Soul meets another in the same way that two stars meet in their own light. No darkness is anywhere to be seen or commented on.

It could be said that it was Christ’s love that healed, yet I take caution in saying this, for Christ’s union of love goes beyond what is generally called love. There was no striving for love. There were no professions for love or hints of being loving or attaining a quality of love. Love was the same as the Sun’s coming out. The Sun shone. Oneness was palpable.

There was no waiting for a healing or urging healing energy to come. Christ's healings were healings of Consciousness. There was nothing examined under a microscope.
There was no seeking a trace of illness. Christ didn't run away from looking at illness. He simply saw from a higher view.

Something real passes through during a passage of healing. What passes is not an attempt at Union. It is Union. Something happens. Whatever happens isn’t a learned activity. We can say that it is a gift of Oneness that passes between two beautiful souls without any to-do, the same way two stars may light the night on Earth.

That which is called Christ’s healing arose of itself. With Christ, healing is done before it dawns on anyone. It is love so-far-passing the notice of your heart; it is like mist. It isn’t even mist. Illness isn’t attended to, yet something happens that elevates the consciousness of the world and elevates it still to this day.