Integral to the Universe

God said:

If you had one minute right now to choose what you would wave a magic wand over, you might not know what to wave the magic wand over, something in the same way as people who escape a fire, they just grab something yet not something they would take if they had had time to think. They may wish later that they had chosen something else and, even then, in the coolness of afterthought, they might not think of just the one most important object to bring.
The point I would like to make here is the unimportance of possessions that do hold an importance on Earth. To you, possessions and furnishings are serious business. Of course, held up to the Truth of Life, your important possessions are not much at all. They may be treasures to you now yet, sooner or later, they level out. An object is an object, and that’s all it really can be.
And, so, if you had a wand to wave, you might desire to wave it as a way to end war and dissension, yet where are war and dissension located? Where would you find them so you could wave the wand over them? Could you end all wars retroactively also as well as wars that could occur in the future? It is mind-boggling how to do it. You would never want to miss the chance.
If you were a murderer sentenced to death, instead of your being given the choice of what you would like to eat, what if you were given the choice of changing something for the good of the world. What might you choose to change?
And if you were given all day to think of what to wave a magic wand over, or a whole month, how would you choose deeply without second-guessing yourself the rest of your life?
In life, you may not be offered a magic wand as such, and, yet at every moment, you have an opportunity to make a difference in the world, and, as you may have guessed, this is with the power of your mind and heart. Your thoughts make decisions for the world at every moment. Your thoughts have the mechanics of sound. If energy is vibration, you are vibrating the world. Every vibration counts. Every vibration of yours adds up.
We can say that I created the world, and I gave it to you to make of it what you will. The world is not out of your range, for you send it what you are vibrating. You have sent the world anger and strife -- and blessings as well. I am speaking of the real goods when I say blessings. In order to bless the world, you have to think up a new tune. It’s time now to let go of old thoughts that keep the world as it is. Bless the world, and see what happens. Your voice and your thoughts, your votes, carry all across the Universe.
You are integral to the Universe. You are a mainstay of the Universe. You carry the banner. You institute events. You set the tone. You always have. Change your tune, and who knows all your desires that may well turn the tide in the world. You may come to be the herald of Peace on Earth. And what is Peace on Earth, after all, if not new music played so it is heard all over this Creation that I made?
You may think it is up to Me to herald a new world on Earth, yet you are the one to come up front and invite and announce Peace to the World. Have you not had enough of unrest and fault-finding? Certainly, you are not going to add more when you can dispel shortcomings and usher in Vastness.

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Integral to the Universe.

This is so Powerful... We have a responsibility to ourselves in Unity Consciousness, for we are sending Love or sending hurtful spells of lower vibrational thoughts, words feelings and emotions,everything comes back to us. We Are Made in the innage and Likeness of God. Creators All. We can be the FULLNESS of Gods Presence or the Half Fullness of Gods Presence. You know it is easier to print these words than to Live these words. Consciousness Is Everything. The world is a power distraction. God I Love You, You ARE Myself. ONE.