Inherit the Earth

God said:

Becoming unattached is the same as becoming unbounded. You are untied to whatever has been holding you back. You are untied from the past, and you also come to see that the past never was. You are not tied to the future either. You are not tied.

You are not limited. You live in the land of the gods. Do you understand this? The whole universe is yours. The galaxies are yours. You ride each star like a wave of love. You encompass the moon. You hold it under your arm. You circulate its white light. You dash into the center of the sun and warm your hands. The sun is placed in your heart, and away you go. There is no stopping you. There is no stopping. You have entered life with both feet, and now you fly to where your dreams have not yet reached.

You are tied to Me. It was always so. Tied to Me, you are free. Tied to Me, you reclaim your God Power, your God-given God Power. What is your God Power, beloveds? It is your generosity. It is your courtliness to the world. It is your letting go of semblance of power in the world and rising to the power of love, love unadorned. You step into a golden coach of love, and you ride it. You ride it to sea and sky. You need no road, or We can say that love itself is the road you ride on.

Where can love lead you but to more love, and where else would you want to go? Where else would you want to be but with Me? Consider Heaven the House of Love. All that exists here is love. There is nothing lacking.

When you are free, Earth becomes an adjunct of Heaven, and Earth becomes a World of Love that you inhabit. Earth becomes a bed of love you made, and you lie down on it, and everyone lies down with you. You are the lion, and you are the lamb, and you lie down together. Truth becomes evident and follows you.

Love is the green pasture you lie down in.

By your love are you known.

By My love are you love. I can make only what I am. I do not know how to make less. And so I made Myself, and I gave it shape and form and nose and ears, and I planted you on Earth to multiply Me everywhere. Somehow you forgot who you were, and you forgot where you came from, and you forgot the name of your mission on Earth. Fortunately, I remind you. I am here to remind you. As you are reminded, you begin to wake up. You yawn and rub your eyes. Finally you see Me. You see Me in the mirror of yourself. You do handstands. You exemplify Me, and you exemplify yourself. The twins become One in awareness. They have always been One, and now the twins stand in their Oneness. I stand in My Oneness. You stand within Me. We cast no shadow. We cast light. I cast light. I means you and I, for We are One. All is Oneness, and Oneness is all there is. There never was anything else except in forgetfulness and imagination. You had to make up something, so you made up Two-ness. You made up the idea of separation. You called it individuality, and you paid great homage to this fiction. You wrote a best seller, and Oneness became a secret. And now the secret has been revealed. Oneness has come to stay.

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Every once in a while there

Every once in a while there is a Heavenletter that it is as if I am seeing it for the first time, and it takes my breath away, and I am overwhelmed with God's love.

This one, took my breath

This one, took my breath away too!

The secret revealed: Unlimtedness, Love, Oneness. What more do we need?

Time for me to wake up some more.

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said understand
The whole Universe is yours
It was always so

God said We are One
I make only what I am
So I made Myself

God said I am here
Multiply Me everywhere
Where love can lead you

God said to reclaim
Your God-given God-Power
The power of love

Love, Light and Aloha!

...and now you fly to where your dreams have not yet reached.

"Love is the green pasture you lie down in.

By your love are you known. "

Love to All,