God said:

Dear One who worries needlessly, let Me say what I have to say in this way:

You have no choice but to have confidence in your Self. I am your Very Self, so, it is for you to have confidence in Me. Unless you have confidence in Me, you have disbelief. You are practiced in disbelief. You were taught it, and you learned it. Let go of disbelief now. Stop asking yourself all the questions.

Pick up an image of yourself as the innocent you are. Pick up the baby of yourself and lavish love on her. No one, especially you, is to put yourself in dissarray

It is to you I write, Godwriter, as an aside. Let Us have a heart to heart. You understand Heavenletters very well. You are doing My Will. Let go of perceived results – recognition, numbers, personality, hard work, etc. No matter how close you are to Heavenletters, Heavenletters are My responsibility. Forget about confidence in yourself. Have confidence in Me which is the same as to say confidence in your Self.

The existence of Heavenletters came from Me. I looked over the whole world, and I asked Myself: "Which One of My Chidren is to tend to these particular Words of Mine on Earth?"

I looked for a Relayer of My Words. I spotted you. I picked you out. You were handy, and you’re good at it.

My eyes fell on you. There was no doubt in My Mind. There was no doubt in My Heart.

This is the big difference between you, the personality, and Me, the Oversoul. You know how to doubt. I wouldn't know how to doubt if I tried.

In a nutshell, you are plopped in the middle of the relative world whereas I roam free in The Absolute. I am Infinity-Bound, meaning Infinity as the Vastness that I go for and that I AM. This is true for you and everyone else.

My Children seem to set up road-blocks for themselves, however. Don’t ask any more: "How am I doing? Am I doing this right? What have I left undone?"

If you must comment, say: "How unbelievably fortunate am I to be here now in this place.” Glory, glory.

If you must ask a question, ask: “What's next for me to do?"

You are One Cinderella among Many on Earth who serve as they serve. You came out of the Ashes of Ignorance, and I poured you into a New Life. Never mind so much what you are doing or how you got here. Just keep your eyes on Me.

I found you. You are found. I confirmed you. You are confirmed. I am here. You are here with Me. I chose you, and you are chosen. You do as I ask. I threw the ball at you. You caught it. Now you have run with it ever since. Have fun with this adventure. That’s all you have to do.

You are not being tested. Even if you were being tested, you were accepted long ago. There is no way you can fail. I am at the Helm. Remind yourself that you don’t do much. You simply pick up My Words here and there. Your task is simply to pick up My Words. I am the Decider of which words you pluck. Allow yourself to be filled with this joy. This Joy I gave to you just is as you are meant to have it. It is worth a King’s Ransom, and you, who had no idea you were to follow Me like this, are following Me just like this.

I ask you to be naught but a plodder who trails after Me, picking up the sticks I leave behind. This is your opportunity to play in Infinity!

Come with Me. I am the Comet. You are one of many who are the Tail of the Comet. After all, what choice do you or anyone have but to follow Me?

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very meaningful Gloria and God

Please look at my comment to

Please look at my comment to you and everyone who posted here down below.

Also, please go to February 6 Heavenletter, Kiss the Earth, and see what happened to me this morning before I had the splendid experience of reading all your comments!

Hello Gloria I could not

Hello Gloria

I could not believe as once I've started reading I thought, it was quite relevant message-:as if response to all my turmoil of the last few days! I've been feeling lost, alone, and had to question my intentions, which brought on doubts in myself...
And then it addressed to you!. I cannot express my gratitude for your work, I would not be able to live without Daily Messages, they are all my special mail folder.
Please know, I appreciate your work very very much.
With love and gratitude

Yes, dear Margreta, we are

Yes, dear Margareta, we are all One! See more comments above and below!


This is great fun.

Feb. 5 Heavenletter

That's a pretty awesome endorsement of your service, Gloria! Woo hoo! Thank you for picking up the words and giving them to the rest of us!

Dear Jeanne, how good to be

Dear Jeanne, how good to be connected to you.

Jeanne painted a portrait of me that we will use on new web site.

Can't thank you enough, angel.


This is an awesome and inspiring Heaven Letter. I am filled with the JOY for this gift of Life on beautiful planet Earth. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I AM grateful. Hugs of Love to everyOne in this come unity.

Dear All of You who gave us

Dear All of You who gave us all the benefit of your comments, now we know that we are all One! And we are as God desires us to be and yet to always move on from.

In Truth, how can even one of us ever be discouraged. We do it to ourselves.

Oh boy, do we all learn together.

God bless you.

Dear Christine202, you speak

Dear Christine202, you speak to me from the heart.

We are all One!

Love and blessings, Clemens