Infinite Eternity

God said:

Holy are you, born in My image. My image is Truth. It is not an advertising image. Holy are you, born in My likeness. Holy are you, born as the morning dew, close to the grass and yet as high as Heaven. Let no grass grow under your feet, beloveds. Born of My Holiness, you are not ersatz. You are the Truth of Myself, yet long drawn out, circuitous. You are the dawn of Myself forgotten in a gorgeous stream made circuitous in its reliance on the physical world.

Could the expression physical world even be said if there were not another kind of world or perhaps more than one? You already know that. And so I say the Real World, and I mean what I say. You do not always mean what you say. You do not always know what you are saying.

Speaking of many worlds, there is your remembered world of yesterday that no two siblings remember exactly the same. And there is the roustabout world that you address much of the time. It is so that everyone lives in his own world, and yet, and yet, there is One World, and yet, and yet, there is Heaven, a solid world of hardly-dared dreamed of, the world that is the One and Only World, the World of Love, and Love Unending, forever discovering and rediscovering itself as Mark Twain discovered the Mississippi every time he rounded a curve and pulled the bell of his steamer.

It doesn’t matter what stream you went down in the seeming yesterday or the path you took or think you took the day before, even though there are not really days, even though there is really only Infinite Eternity or Eternal Infinity, even though there is only Being, you follow a line that you call the past. Even though you only imagine it, track it, get caught up in it, there is no line to follow, and yet you follow it. Even so, today, in this so-called day, you can rise to your Higher Self, your Self caught up in nothing yet delighting in what only seems to occur. You are on a non-ending trail, beloveds. All trails lead to Me. All trails lead to Heaven.

You can only perceive that you are far from Heaven. You can only surmise it. You can only pretend it. You are the pretender to life in the world, this winding stream that you seem to float on as a raft dependent upon the winds of today. You abdicated the throne that is yours to sit on.

When you fall from your horse, you get back on and ride again.

When you imagine you fall from Heaven, when you imagine that you are only a human being, a struggling human being, when you imagine you forget your Source, when you imagine that you are only your individual imagined struggling self, when you buy into that – and, oh, how well, you have bought into that – don’t you think that you are capable of reinstating yourself on the throne that I so gladly and reasonably share with you?

What if you could imagine a state of existence without the physical world that you call Earth and instead recollect Heaven, Father or Mother Heaven, and reunite consciously with your True Self Who has never been absent but ever present? What if you let go of all the literal world that you have enchanted yourself with? What if you let go and broke the spell of attachment to that which is only imagined surface and, instead, let go of it and restore yourself to the Heaven you have never once stepped a foot outside of?

When you wake up from a sleeping dream, you naturally recollect that you are awake in your own bed and that you had a dream. Can you not wake up from the waking dream you inhabit now? Can you not wake up and know that you were only dreaming and re-dreaming that which never really transpired except in an imagined sleeping state?

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dreaming and re-dreaming

My image is Truth. If it is Truth, where is it? Maybe I once saw the image in a pond when a Stone came flying, first hitting me an then dropping into the water to shatter the image of God. Thinking I had to get out of where stones come flying, I ran off. Had I waited until Your image re-formed in the water, probably the fright and terror would have healed. Since I did not, I have lived with the image of a shattered God ever since. And what about me when I am made in His likeness?

All of us who are carrying around broken God pictures cling to this ephemeral or rather nonexistent Earth, we all buy into our own surmise, unable to even imagine a state of existence without the physical world that [we] call Earth. What do You expect? Even having a clear sense of "something else", I cling to this world, still not quite knowing how to let go of it to see what is really real.

But this is a good time. There are more who are trying to learn it. Together, we'll make it, we will remember our true Self which is caught up in nothing yet delighting in what only seems to occur.

a perfect blend

"...our true Self...caught up in nothing yet delighting..."
Sometimes I cannot stand this Guy, He lacks perhaps.

Jochen has a way with words!

Jochen the Teacher tells us that our eyes are not to see this world because it really isn't.

We can't find TRUTH because it't not any where, it's every where for the sightless entity who also is no-thing but is the imagination of the Everything.

Sure, it's fun to question, we are born that way, because looking in the mirror we suddenly discover that we are the answer. We just have not learned that the answer is in a language that sounds alien to us. Love you


Jochen invites us to learn together!

To have a teacher like you is breath taking! You are beautiful!


Holy are you, born in My

Holy are you, born in My image. My image is Truth.
Holy are you, born in My likeness.

... nothing to add.
much much love

Holy are you, born in My

Holy are you, born in My image. My image is Truth.
Holy are you, born in My likeness.

... nothing to add.
much much love

Berit touched Me! she says it all!

I can't add to this!


Thank you

Yes George and Berit you are so right let me add something though. LET US BE THANKFUL !!!! LOVE YOU all JACK

Jack words ring our door bell!

We open the door and there stands LOVE. You bless us Jack!


Sleeping Beauty is awakened!

There isn't room in this comment to express the wonder that Heaven Letters open the doorway to heaven consciousness so wide.

Only God knows this sort of information. Be sure to read this enough times to let your consciousness absorb the real depth of these statements.

You won't find them in books of learning. This is not the product of learning, it's the process of transformation or of what some have called Transcendentalism. Read this and watch your real self grow!


Home is the Home

let go of it and restore yourself to the Heaven you have never once stepped a foot outside of

that is one of the rare things in this world, that is really and truly impossible. Not even once.
So go out, spread the light - God full of Light smiles at me.

Nirmala shows us that he lives There.


You shed the light and spread the light beautifully.



not many people can sense the problems to do with all that affects us: I know that my Redeemer lived.



Yes, the word you use today to describe the world we are dreaming and interacting with.." ROUSTABOUT", is exquisitely perfect !!

For it seems to be a world run by ruffians and hooligans, and our hearts are fatigued by the seeming endless rough and toughness

of it all.


BE EXHILARATED BY MY OWN RADIANTLY SERENE AND HAPPY SELF ! Today I am determined to break the spell of attachment

to the surface stuff . Mother Earth also loves us with the same unconditional Love that is

of YOu.......she's SOOO wise and elegantly aware of the Truth of the Heaven of which you speak. WE ARE YES, YES, YES WE ARE

ONLY DREAMING THIS WORLD, and I say again I am determined to release the attachment to a world that does in TRUTH exist.