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Incredible Kindness That Transcends Unkindness

While I was cleaning out my refrigerator, I was half-watching Book TV until I heard a little of an incredible story and gave the TV my full attention. .

The speaker was Doris Ackerman who recently wrote a book called The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story.

Because I came in the middle of the talk, I am not positive about some details, although I do know tje great courage and kindness had to do with the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland during World War II.

Antonia, the zookeeper's wife, harbored many persecuted people in the zoo, this was a time when to give a Jew a cup of water was punishable by death. This was such an example of ordinary people rising in extraordinary situations. It was as if Antonia and her husband were keeping the whole world together.

I'm not sure of the couple's last name. Something like Delinsky though I don't think that is the exact name. I didn't hear how many people's lives they saved, but they saved everyone who came to them (with the exception of two who died natural deaths while they were in hiding). Not only did this couple save lives. They were determined that they are survive with their humanity intact. They taught the children art and music.They transcended the meanness they were surrounded with. This seemed to me just what God in Heavenletters tells us to do.

During the war, the author said that the Nazi regime was very solicitous of animals. The regime had great understanding and love of all nature. The same people, scientists, zoologists who had such compassion for animals somehow justified genocide. It's a mystery, isn't it?

The author has written another book

Dearest Gloria, indeed

Dearest Gloria,

indeed people like Antonia and her husband make all the difference in the world. They simply do what they feel they must do disregarding what ever this might bring to them. I really admire such people with all my heart and I thank God for sending them.

When I came here to italy as a girl of 11 in school we did read a story about the nazi regime. The story was about a boy who finaly was arrested, and I, only german girl in the class said that I really could not believe that they could shot a boy just for being a jew. Well, the teacher did really stress the point, telling me: "You are german, to you I can say it even more clearly than to the others, that's exactely what happend, the boy is one of the infinite vicitms of the nazis." Well, I was a girl of 11, but I was horriefied, really shocked, and what more, I felt ashamed as never before for being german. It was such a deep and terrible shame.

Well, I don't know what must possess mankind to arrive to such brutal things, they are far beyond being animal for animals never do such things. I don't know, but I appreciate and I admire all those people who have given all their heart and life to save as much people as they could.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear


Beloved Berit, this was much

Beloved Berit, this was much too much to put on a child of eleven.

In God's world, German, Jew, Italian, American etc. do not exist. Only Human Beings.

Long before the second world war, Dostoievsky in The Brothers Karamazov, talked about man's inhumanity to man. Unimaginable unkindness.

Thank God for the great kindness. And the beautiful people like you, dear Berit.

With love and blessings,


You are a sweetheart dear

You are a sweetheart dear Gloria !

By the way, I didn't receive till now the book and cd you did send me. No problem, I'm having some difficulties with this friend of mine to arrange for a meeting with his editor. Why, editors seem really to be God walking on earth ? (of course they are ! but so am I !!!) They are so difficult to speak to, to make an appointment for a meeting, may this be by phone or a physical meeting. Couldn't they just be more accessable and say: Why, yes, let's see what you'd like to propose to me ! What's that book of yours you love so much to be printed ??

Well, this time will come, sure !

Love and blessings

Oh, no, Berit, do you mean

Oh, no, Berit, do you mean you have not received the book and CD? I sent it long long ago when I said I would. They should have reached you long before this. Sent air mail. Shall I send again? This time I will send Priority. Please let me know.

As for publishers, we have to forgive them. They are running a business. In U.S., you have to send a query letter to ask if they would like to see a manuscript. In one page, you give an idea of what the book is about. At some point, you have to write a book proposal which can be an arduous thing to do. I will look for the guidelines of a book proposal and send them to you.
I think I wrote a book proposal for the Heaven book. As soon as I find one or both of these, I will send to you.

Keep thinking publishing, angel, and love those publishers!

With love and blessings,


Sweetest Gloria, don't send

Sweetest Gloria, don't send it again, we are in italy here, you know ? we HAVE JUST TO WAIT A BIT and then I'm sure it will arrive !! Ain't any speedy gonzales here !! Huh:

About editors, I have written huge piles of letters to make a presentation of another book some years ago, no one answers them ! and so, this time, I will pass thru personal relationships, much more better ! You know, a pizza + a good coffe and then we could eventually talk about business..... 8)

Love and blessings to you !! :wub:

These stories of kindness,

These stories of kindness, rarely make into the newspapers or magazines and yet,.... like this one, where Antonia and family overcame the fears and threats of the times to save the lives of many,.....should be on front page!

Thank you Gloria for posting it under World News!
Love and Light,