In Whose Footsteps?

God said:

Every rose is perfect in its roseness, yet every rose to your eyes is not perfect. Every rose wends its way as far as it can go, from its root to its leaves to its bud, to its full bloom, to its blossoms' return to the earth and its silent cover of snow. Even the roses who do not bloom, they are still roses, roses that didn't enter their prime, but roses still. Perhaps in another day or time or season, they will bloom.

Some roses are considered more beautiful than others. There are roses with long stems, and there are ever-bearing roses, and roses of all colors and shades. Yet all the roses are something. And all the blossoms that fall are something. A rose was here. A rose will be again. Roseness exists. Hail, Rose. Roses are all worth loving, are they not, for are they not great gifts from your Creator? There is no rose that is not counted in the heart of God.

This is true for cabbages and weeds as well, for all serve their purpose on Earth, whatever the world may think of them. Value is value. All that grows in the soil is to be loved for its courage and devotion for growing according to its God-given right.

So is it, as you have already guessed, with Human Beings. For all their variety, for all their exuberances, for all their individualities, for all their motions and emotions, for all their extravagancies, for all the startling errors of their ways, they grow on Earth and are worthy to be here in whatever stage of bloom they happen to be in. They are all My gift to you and to the universe, no less than any rose. A Human Being is a Human Being.

I scattered seeds on Earth. All I have wrought I have wrought for good. No Human life is wasted, whatever you may think of it.

You are not perfect in the eyes of the world either. You are not perfect in your own eyes if truth be known. But you were planted on Earth for a reason. Certainly you were planted to learn love. Certainly you were planted to grow to the Sun. Certainly you were planted to flourish in rain and shine. Certainly you were planted to provide shelter for others, to nourish their hearts and sense of love for themselves and others. Wherever you or another stand on Earth, you are Mine, and I bequeathed you to the Universe for its enrichment.

From where did the presumption start that everyone must please you? That everyone must adhere to standards you impose? All those whom you find wanting are here to teach you to see further. Your vision is not to be limited. All the Humans that you may disapprove of are here to teach you that even they are your brother, that even they are yourself in a variety of guises, that even they are God's creation and accompaniment, that even they are as worthy of God as you. There is no least in My creation, and there is no most.

Perhaps all those who displease you are to teach you the joy of being pleased. You have had enough familiarity with displeasure. Now is time for you to gain the gift of being pleased. Be pleased with My Creation and all who share it with you.

Each being on Earth was made with love, My love, and you are to continue My love. Follow in My footsteps, not your own.