In the Company of the Great Ones

God said:

When you see snow on tree branches, you admire the snow-covered branches. It's a lovely sight. Yet, after a while, you may not even notice the snow-covered branches. They get taken for granted.

When the sun shines brightly on the selfsame snow-covered branches, only then do you see sparkles. The sparkling captivates you. The snow on the branches is the same with or without the sun's light shining on it. But with the sun's light, you see what already was, and yet, because of the sun's light helping you, enlightening you, wide-eyed you see the glistening of the snow. The sun did not add anything to the snow except to simply shine its light on it. The sun didn't change the snow though later it may melt it, and then the meltingness reveals even more of the truth of the snow, that it is water, after all. Of course, water from the Heavens! Pure water from the Heavens, yet simply water, the sea of life.

As you have guessed, I use this comparison to show that My children are most often seen without the sun's light shining on them. The overt physicalness of My children, is readily seen. The Golden Light that they in truth are is not. It is a fact that what exists is not always seen, even when the Invisible is Reality far more than the visible. The visible is not Reality. It is only a shell of it known by the five senses. The five senses are definitely useful, yet they are not everything.

My children, seen in better light, seen in the sunlight of My eyes, ah, then they are really seen. My children aren't different. They have not been transformed. Only, as it is, in My light, they are seen, perhaps for the first time, as the essence of Who they always were. Only now you are seeing what you did not see before. You can hear about it, understand it, even accept, yet Reality cannot be described in its full glory. Until your eyes (rather, your heart) do see, you have not seen. The good news is that your vision will grow, and you will see, and you will be so happy.

I know you wish you could see with My eyes right now. This is something for you to wish for, maybe even more than for a bright shining new car, beloveds. By no means, feel sad that you want a new car. I know its importance for you. Yes, may you have it. Relax. You don't have to make a choice of one or the other.

The only thing is that you are surrounded with cars and advertising photos of cars. However, seeing Human Beings as I do see them is not advertised very much. Oh, perhaps once in a while, you see pictures of the Great Ones and saints and angels and such with halos around them. In the world, these halos simply do not get the press shining new cars do. That's how it is, isn't it?

This is why you need reminders. Until the time when you see for yourself, keep those reminders in front of you. Keep thinking about the day of your improved vision to come. And, in the midst of your interactions in the world, remind yourself that everyone, everyone without exception, everyone in front of you, regardless of appearance, shines in this selfsame bright light.

Actually, the bright light is more than a halo. Everyone is totally bright light. You are too, beloveds. You are too. I see you as you really are, and I receive you into My heart and the company of the Great Ones.

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Little children are said to

Little children are said to have this "improved vision" naturally. I remember fractions of a second or perhaps even sometimes a whole second of improved vision throughout my waking life and in dreams. Less than ten minutes worth of truly improved vision I'd estimate, but of course many more minutes and occasionally hours and days of pleasant reverberation.

Your announcement that the day of my improved vision will come is most welcome, dear God. Yes, I do need reminders - and reminders to keep those reminders in front of me. I love to hear Your reminders. They are so different in tone and content from the ones we issue.

And yes, my car is 14 years old. It is still quite reliable and good looking, a real goodie, and I love it, but it may need replacement one fine day. I even already know which one I want next, so if that's all right, I'll wish for it with "improved desiring".

What a beautiful thing it

What a beautiful thing it would be to see every child in the light of God. Would we judge man less and love much more. Every child of God deserves this love so maybe everyday as we walk down the street and we meet the eyes of that stranger we would normally judge, we can close our eyes for a second and see a beautiful light surrounding him.

This is so beautiful what

This is so beautiful what you wrote.

And how are those twin babies that you are taking care of for God?

It is just our choice to

It is just our choice to look one way or the other, it is directing our thoughts to the God within us and within all our brothers and sisters, and to see that wonderful light. I really love this Heavenletter !

Keep thinking about the day of your improved vision to come. And, in the midst of your interactions in the world, remind yourself that everyone, everyone without exception, everyone in front of you, regardless of appearance, shines in this selfsame bright light.


Re: "The visible is not

Re: "The visible is not Reality." Although the visible is not ALL of reality, that does not mean that the visible is not real. It is part of reality. The visible is real and so is the invisible. The mountains are real and so it the soul. Both are real. In order to live well, we need to acknowledge both and ignore neither. This distinction is absolutely necessary.

Beloved Christinemh22, my

Beloved Christinemh22, my understanding is that God has a different definition of Reality than we ordinarily do. In the reality of the world, we say that people die. God speaks of the Reality in which we never die.

Again, just my understanding, the visible is what we perceive as reality. We may see someone who looks unkempt and unappealing to our eyes, yet the Reality is that this unkempt person is God's Beautiful Light.

Sometimes we discover that too for ourselves..

God bless you.

With love,


Thank you. Yes, the soul

Thank you. Yes, the soul never dies, I agree. And also, God would not have as full an understanding of Reality were it not for all of us here experiencing this Reality. And yes, a person who looks a certain way on the surface is only having that reality temporarily, in order to experience it and learn through it. We are experiencing it all so we can eventually come to know who we are.

And who other people are as

And who other people are as well!

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said with the light
You see what already was
Enlightening you

God said I see you
Regardless of appearance
As you really are

God said Beloveds
This is something to wish for
See with My eyes now

Love, Light and Aloha!

As I am reading this (it is

As I am reading this (it is evening - my email was down all day) - there is a thunderstorm with lightning all around me. God wants me to see the light against the darkened night sky.
It briefly illuminates the trees. But we are more than a brief illumination - we are the Light and we carry God's light into the world. I shall remind myself that I am God's light as are all of the twinkling stars around me...sometimes it is difficult to see through the wall that God's stars erect to protect themselves and sometimes it is difficult for my love to permeate that wall...and so I hold them dear in my heart and in my prayers.
I bathe in Your light! Thank YOU!

Thank you God for the

Thank you God for the reminders...amazing how we re-connect to the wholesomeness
of your being....through all the essence of the I AM...