In Good Company

God said:

Will you accept Me as God? What if you did? What if you simply gave your allegiance to Me and gave up discomfort and all your questioning? Why must you prove Me and prove yourself? Let Us shake hands and close the deal once and for all. Let Us be One in Our hearts. Join your heart to Mine. Hold My hand forevermore. Let Us be happy that We are One and One for Eternity.

We have never been just on a short ride around the block. We have been on a great journey where length is not measured yet is never-ending. We are the swell of the Ocean Waves. We are One on land or sea. We are One Wonderful Self permeating in waves and waves that celebrate Our Oneness. We merge as the Ocean merges with the waves, and the waves are never unmerged from the Ocean. Ah, Oneness, as seen from Earth, is twofold. But, of course, One is One not two.

What did you think life was about?

Never mind the details. We travel Life together, and there is no getting off. We are pledged to One another even though there is no other. Other is only a manner of speech. It is a wording. In Oneness, there is no other. In Truth, there is no other. You can't have other and Oneness. You have Oneness and no other.

You are Oneness. Yes, you, who huffs and puffs in the world. Yes, you, who doesn't really know what you're doing from moment to moment even as there are no moments, only Eternity which is momentless. There is no roller coaster. You may think you're on it, yet you are singularly in My heart. If I am stillness, then you are too. We are as silent as a mountain, and We are as boundless as love, for We are one entwined love. We have grown to love, and Our Oneness loves and loves. Petals of Our love fall to Earth, and Our One Heart rises infinitely.

Nothing exists but Oneness. There is nothing in the whole wide world but Our Love, My love and your love that are One Supreme Love even when there is nothing to be supreme over. We are an ecstasy of Oneness. In stillness, there is a pulse, and We embrace Our Oneness like nothing else, for there is nothing else.

All the ramifications in life that you see are nothing but ramifications of Oneness, so Oneness can look at itself bemusedly. Life is a lot of display. It is merchandizing. It is a still life seeming to move. In the greatest activity, there is stillness. Water starts to boil, and there is bubbling of the still waters, yet water remains water. Even frozen, water is still water. There is a variation called ice, but ice is water. No doubt about that. Frozen water is still water.

No matter appearances, you and I, We are Oneness. I am Oneness. There is you then in that case. You are not separate from Me. Of course, you think you are, but that is only a thought. Thoughts are a dime a dozen. We, on the other hand, are One, One indivisible Love. That is the long and short of it. That is all that there is. And what a Oneness that is. It is unforgettable, and yet it has been forgotten. Forgotten, but not lost. Forgotten and yet remembered like a familiar sun or a star twinkling in the distance of which there is none either. No distance, no time in space, Oneness Alone, and, yet, in good company.

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♥♥ALL ONE ♥♥

Oneness Alone, and, yet, in good company.

We are alone-- yet never ALL ALONE. Dear Lord, a beautiful message.

Thank you for our One Divine Love.

Yours in Love and Service


Dear God It feels so good to share love with you and others.I can not express myself as well as our Gloria but you know my feeling and our love as one, makes me and others very happy. Thank you God. I will stay with you as one. Love to all Jack

oneness is still nothing

one times one or divided by one is still one. life does not truly begin until we have 1+1. so we are coming from the one but are different and when you add plants and animals you get 1+2+3+4 = 10.from the nothing comes the one and why 10 is so symbolic a number.

Life is a lot of display

Oh, my father, your words in this letter, is so refreshing! I love to hear you break down the mystery of Life in simple metaphors while akeeping the TRUTH wrapped in swaddling understanding.
Like a hot summer day your words pour a balm of cool water upon my skin.Running like a shower head you splash and rain your words of comfort like a bathroom waterfall.
I love to hear your words of wonder that we are ONE and the same.I am never tired of hearing this the mystery that we are ONE.When I look out to the horizon, I know I am also all that.
I love the sovereinity of being and the silent stillness partnership that is our home.

I love it. I love it.Feed me more.My hunger is wild.My mind is entralled and in awe.

I love you my Father. I love you my God. I love you. Ilove you.

Thanks for these beautiful cascading words of teachings.

Ocean of Love to all my Brothers and Sisters




How beautiful and wise are

How beautiful and wise are the comments Heavenreaders post on this forum. I am so grateful to you all for the love and wisdom you share.

There is One Key to All knowing, with understanding: "Oneness".

To know Oneness the way this Letter spells it out can take a year or two of intense concentration and meditation but this is an absolute must. Don't give up. This is the KEY to knowing how and why Gloria can give out what she does day by day. You too can have it for your very own. Read this letter over and over until your spirit says "I got it so now I am it."


Ah, but beloved George, I

Ah, but beloved George, I haven't "got" it yet. That's fine. I'm perfectly happy typing away.

Either there was a Heavenletter or there is one coming out where God says that we don't have to work at Oneness. As I remember, he said something like: "If effort gave us enlightenment, we would all be brilliant by now!" Somewhere God also says that "innocence is the key."

I also wonder if each of us has our own path.

Whatever you have done, beloved George, certainly worked for you. And you are a great testament for what you have done.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria