In God's Heart You Are Immersed

God said:

Words exist, and yet the meanings of many words carry a concept that does not exist except as it is said and mutually agreed upon. From Me to you carries a concept, yet there is no to and there is no from. When all in the extant world exists simultaneously, when there is no distance, when there is no space, how can there be a to or a fro? From what to what? From sea to shining sea you say, even though there is only One Sea of Love in all the Universe.

And yet images exist. It is fun to move from one word to another, and yet, all, all is metaphor.

Words are metaphors. One apparition is said to be like another, and another, and the moon is round like a ball.

Language was born from an utterance. A finger pointed, and a sound came from the throat, and words were sung from imagined sea to sea.

All the while, you are My utterance. A sound came from My throat, as it were, a breath from My breath, and you walk the Earth, or you sit down on the ball of Earth which is as round as the moon.

You took a step, and you became aware of your existence on Earth which is actually a semblance of existence.

It is as if I inhaled you, yes. Yet, I never exhaled you, for you are contained within Me still. You have never left the heart of God. You are an impulse within Me still. Hear the beat of My heart, and you will know this. You are My born yet unborn. You are My firstborn, and yet there is no second. There is no last. There is you, beloved, still on the tip of My tongue, on the verge of being sounded. You are a bell about to ring, and yet the bell has never been sounded except in some agreed-upon imaginary way.

It must be that you, who are the pulse of My heart, are immersed in My heart. It is like you soak eternally in My heart, and yet you are as fresh as the day you were born. You are My newborn not yet born, yet you travel through imagined space in an imagined capsule of time. You feel hurtled through space. You are in some sense aware that you have never landed, and yet this is a fear of yours that you, as you know yourself, do not really exist, as if your existence depended upon an outward manifestation of you. You are the Unmanifest, beloveds. There is an outline of yourself that you like to believe is true when there is nothing further from the Truth.

Inasmuch as you are eternal, the temporary body you wear is no more true than a piece of clothing you toss on. The body is only material, and yet it is immaterial, for you exist beyond space and time even as you believe yourself to be a time traveler who races in space. You ring a doorbell that doesn't exist, and yet you hear the bell ring. Yet it is you who are the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help Me, God.

You string yourself along. You follow bread crumbs that you threw ahead of yourself. You see the bread crumbs, and you say, "Aha." You follow a path as if on a game board, and you think you pass Go, even though you march in place, a toy soldier, all dressed up and no place to go.

Be resigned to stay in My heart. There is nowhere else.

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"You are my firstborn"

Metaphors, symbols and paradoxes seem to be the fittest way to describe the dream we are immersed in. Among all, this: "Yet it is you who are the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help Me, God". How many layers of understanding in this phrase and in this letter too, how much beauty to fill the spirit and the mind. Who could have ever dream of such a God! I bow to you all, Firstborn of God.


BLESSED MAESTRO, Oh, to read this makes us, each one, laugh and laugh!

Ii love to read, "You are as fresh now as the day you were born". Because we DO think we're

Time Travelers, we imagine time only! You say, "you are as a bell that has never

been sounded, has never rung , except in some imaginary way!!" How strange!

It is, as the Christed One has told us in A Course in Miracles, "You are always safe in

God's Heart, yet you dream of exile!" And your words, "You scatter breadcrumbs ahead of

yourself, and then say, "AHA!" AND OH, "we follow a path as on a gameboard, and we

think we pass GO, even though we march in place, a toy soldier all dressed up with no

place to go". This is all hilariously silly and funny and we do laugh when we finish reading

this! We also dream of great disasters! AH, it is marvelous in a way that it is all in

our imaginations. Even our long drawn out sentences! We must make you laugh!

Yet, if we live in your heart, you DON'T Laugh at us, but with us.

"Our hearts are made for

"Our hearts are made for Thee, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in Thee."

St. Augustine. 4th century

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said there is you
You have never left My heart
There is nowhere else

Love, Light and Aloha!

Your Words ring True as always.

Your Words ring True as always. Please help me know, unshakeably and completely that I am The Truth. I recognize that the one asking is something that is seen and therefore dream. Hesitation comes to fully accept this, and yet this is also seen. Something is asking "have I woken up from the dream?" and something whispers "you were never asleep"