In Contrast to You, God

God said:

Is this your voice I hear? Is it you who calls out to Me as from the wilderness? Whose crying is it I hear who says in many ways:

“Beloved beloved God, the One God, the Only God, God of my Heart, You Whom I cannot Grasp, yet You Who, nevertheless, are My Touchstone to Heaven and to Earth, You Who are the Subtlest of the Subtlest weigh nothing, yet hold up the Universe, to say nothing of Your having created the Universe and me and all the other Assorted Beings who are here on Earth and all those who ever have been and all those who are yet to be.

“You, the Creator of Everything, are not created. You, the Designer of All, are not designed. You are the Spontaneous of the Spontaneous. You are a Vesuvius who erupted into the beauty of all the fluctuations of vibrations on Earth, yet You do not fluctuate. You Who have no body to separate You from anyone else are the Epitome of Life. If we on Earth in our awesome bodies were without our bodies, we would meld with You and be the Essence of You, is this true?

“You say that those of us on Earth and perhaps other places are You, are exactly You beneath our costumes and our eccentricities. You say that we, those of us bumbling on Earth, are nothing but You except we hold onto all the physical evidence that says we passed this way. Some folklore says we are here once, that’s all, and other folklore says we recur again and again always to be Bright Light on Earth as Stars Are in Heaven.

“How unpowerful we feel. We even have anger and temperament. We jump to conclusions. We act first and rue after. We don’t learn, and we don’t learn, and then we do learn. We do learn something even when we are not sure what it is.

“This is in contrast to You, God, Who know everything and know very well that You do, whereas we on sodden earth often throw up our hands in despair. We do not know what the next moment will bring. Even what we may be sure we know, we don’t know. We think the sky is blue. It looks blue, yet is the sky not many-colored?

“And so is the Universe and the globe we live on many-colored and many lines going this way and that. On Earth we have no armor, God. We are defenseless against life. You are our only defense, and yet we do not always find You listening to us. You say You are, yet we are bone and flesh entities who wander around until You pluck us from Earth and grab the Unseen of Us up to a Heaven You have made for us to be safe in and to rest.

“You see Life on Earth differently, of course. You say that we, the Essence of us, the Heart of us, the Mainstay of us, have always been with You infallibly as we swallow and blink our eyes and put on sophisticated sunglasses to keep out Your Light of the Sun from enlightening us. And yet You made the Sun, and You made all the other Circles. You say that we don’t absorb all the Light and all the Dazzlement You have poured on us. We keep our noses to the grindstone, and our heads down. We ponder You, God, and have no pocket to put You in for safekeeping. We have no necklace to string You on and keep You as a Good Luck Charm.

“Indeed, even as You are our Good Luck Charm, it sure appears that we are out of luck often. Forgive me for saying this, God, revered and Silent Big Light That Lights Up Everything, much of the time we do not even see Your Shadow. I believe You do not have a shadow, yet, sometimes I would even be glad to see Your Shadow. I would be sure to follow You.“

As I follow you, My beloved.

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My dearest Father in

My dearest Father in Heaven,
As I read Your letter to Your beloved children on earth
tears of joy rol doun my face
as Your Love overwhelms me
and at the same time
lifts me up.
From my heart I thenk You
for creating me and all others
so that I my serve You.
I love and bless all of Your children
my brothers and sisters.

Love to all

Thank you God

This H.L. shows a lot of Doubt by people. Personally I see it all a lot different. Do I understand God? No ! do I have to? No ! I am just thankful. This H.L talks about God having no shadow, Look at the different sunrises and sunsets. I always say, My God you are a fantastic Painter as well as maker of all the other beautiful earth I see around me and photo's people make of the things I have not seen. Can it get any better. Poverty and war you say. Poverty you can help by supporting charities God helped setup. then God out of your pocket helps other people not as yet as lucky as you. If you have no pockets put God in your hand bag. The funny thing is If I am prepared to help in some way God will help Me and everyone else who is willing. Have faith and God will be there. You might not see God, but sure you can FEEL, Gods presence. Love to all Jack

Dear Friends, this was

Dear Friends, this was Godwritten as always! It's AS IF I wrote it. Now that God said this, much of it rings true to me, and there is more that I wish I personally could say, "Yes, this is true."

"I am now as I was before the dream when I knew without question that Being Is All.” is one of the statements I cannot say this is true for me, and how I wish I could.

I am quite sure that the day will come when we will all know we know this as our own Truth.

How wonderful I felt when I read this published Heavenletter just now.


How beautiful are the comments above