God said:

I was going to ask you what is on your mind. Then I thought better of it. Hmm. Let me refresh My question.

Beloveds, what would you like to have on your mind right now?

The arrival of your own True Love?

A chance meeting?

To find a hidden treasure?

To wake up tomorrow and weigh ten lbs. less?

Snow? To make a new friend?


Simple joy?

To find a genie had cleaned your fridge?

To be able to eat whatever you want and stay slim?

A new puppy?

To find yourself transformed into a new person?

A list of all that you like about yourself and makes you glad?

If I were to ask you to say what’s on your mind, would I have opened a floodgate of woes? This would have been a mistake, for of course, it’s time now to take your leave of woe. I mean, this is long overdue. What do you want woe hanging around for?

To know what matters in life?

To speak of what you want and not speak of that which you do not want?

To be a blessing to all who know you and to yourself?

To get on with life?

To light up the world?

To light up one single life today besides your own?

To give life freely without recompense?

To think big and never small?

To live your Truth. To speak your Truth. To never tell a lie, no matter how little, ever again?

To speak well of others?

To speak well of yourself?

To love ahead of time?

To break boundaries?

To surprise yourself?

To uplift the world?

To keep secrets?

To look forward to life?

To progress?

To be amenable?

To be farsighted?

To serve God and only God?

To honor thy mother and father?

To respect all?

To no longer try to change anyone else?

To leave myself free from nagging as well?

To smile?

To have a good time wherever I am and whatever I think of?

To imagine?

To have dreams big and small?

To come closer and closer to God?

To venture forth in life?

To sweeten the world?

To be my own person?

To not get in anyone’s way?

To perceive everyone as God does perceive?

To be all I want to be?

To envision even greater along the way?

To be all God wants me to be. Why not?

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These positive suggestions are wonderful!!