Imagine Buddha

God said:

When you feel that you do not have love to give, then give consideration. This will do very well. It will hold you in good stead.

What is consideration but the Golden Rule? What is considerateness but a form of love?

Or We can call considerateness the same as good manners.

It is not a great inconvenience to be considerate. Make it a way of life. Be a great lady or great gentleman, and you will show exquisite consideration for all Sentient Beings on Earth. This includes yourself.

Considerateness does not really have to do with putting someone first. It is putting everyone first, that is, on the same plane of existence. Everyone is to have his or her place in the sun. Considerateness is focus on the loveliness of life. Do not think it is a little thing to be considerate. It is a big thing. It is a very meaningful thing.

You have no idea how much someone’s heart is lighted when you simply hold a door open, when you simply smile, when you simply say Thank you, when you offer your seat, when you speak kindly. Consideration does not take great effort. It is easier than resistance, beloveds.

When competitiveness leaves the Earth, consideration will be the sweet condition of life. If no one has a race to win, what then would be the hurry? If no one has to be first, how easy it would be to hold a door open for another soul who may bask in the light of your consideration.

Nothing has to come before considerateness. Whatever you may consider more important, you are mistaken.

There is no reason why you cannot be right now the kind of person you admire. This person doesn’t rush. He is not slipshod. He looks everyone in the eye, and, by his very presence, he grants blessings.

Can you imagine Buddha and the other Great Ones shoving someone aside, having to get to the front of the line? Can a person you admire be someone who rushes or snaps orders? Can you admire impatience or swift rudeness? Can you admire one who cuts corners with truth, or looks to be cleverer or more anything than someone else? Can you admire one who looks to take advantage of another? Can you admire someone so insecure that he thinks he needs something that someone else has?

Do you admire someone who is always kicking himself about one thing or another? Do you admire someone who carries guilt high and deep? Do you admire someone who finds fault rather than blessing with himself or another? Let go of the past, and you will let go of guilt, and you will uplift the world.

Admire yourself for seeking to uplift and enliven yourself. Admire yourself for doing favors for yourself and so for others. Admire that which is admirable, and be that admirableness yourself. Create yourself in the image I gave you.

What can possibly prevent you from being what you want to be? You are not asked to be anyone but yourself. Why not be as I made you? Why not let go of the riffraff of your thoughts and embrace only the thinking that is worthy for a child of God? Why not submit yourself to God Almighty? What is submitting to Me but following your own will to be what you were made to be. There is no subterfuge here. You have been embroiled in subterfuge when you have denied your ability for grace. Deny no longer.

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2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said hold open
Your ability for grace
For another soul

God said Beloveds
Be right now the kind person
The other Great Ones

Love, Light and Aloha!

Considerateness is focus on

Considerateness is focus on the loveliness of life.
It is a big thing through “simple” thing. Through our smile, our words, our heart’s attitude, our love, our joy, our gratitude etc in our daily life.
Consideration does not take great effort but does great benefit to the whole universe. It is also reflection of Our Oneness.

love, smile, joy and being grateful
tri gunanto

Beloved Tri Gunanto, Having

Beloved Tri Gunanto,

Having known you so many years now through the internet, I know you live this consideration. You are a beautiful example of what you describe here..