If You Don’t Like What Life Gives You…

God said:

Why are there so many complaints in the world? Why do you complain so much? Of course, from your point of view, you are justified. Life has not all been as you thought it would be and is supposed to be. I understand this, yet it is not your place to fuss about Life. Complaint breeds complaint.

Complaining is looking at Life from the outside in. Let’s face it: Complaining reveals quite a lack of gratitude. Complaining may have become a way of Life as if you believe that complaining is a virtue.

You may come across as haughty while you perpetuate yourself as a victim. You can’t be haughty and a victim at the same time. This just isn’t a good practice. It is like practicing poor posture. Of course, bad habits creep up on you. You can also accrue good habits of greeting Life. This is up to you. Who else would your Life be up to?

You are not an innocent victim of Life. You play a part. You play a role. If you don’t like what Life gives you, change your stance in the world.

There is a world, and there is a God, and there is you. By and large, your Life is what you make of it. There is no virtue in complaining, for, then, you become defeated and, in some lackadaisical sense, even proud of your malaise. How badly you are treated. When you complain that you are unjustly treated, you treat yourself unjustly. You wallow in mistreatment. No one confines you. If you are confined, it might be you would rather stay as you are than change half an inch.

You can wait a long time for the world to change while you play your old violin.

Life can actually turn on a dime. Set the tone. Complaining simply is not worthy of you. You can gripe all you want, yet what good does it do you? Griping keeps you where you are and where you SAY you don’t want to be. Don’t stay in the same place then. It would seem that you have tethered yourself in discomfiture and won’t let go. Your battle-cry is “Unfair!”

Choose a new battle-cry. Never underestimate your own power for good in the world.

Bite your tongue. Heretofore, you have been blabbing overmuch about the difficulties you face. Blah blah blah. Come on now, folks, head in a new direction. If you would like your Life to become more agreeable to you the way you say you do, then welcome your Life to change. Invite it. Change your tactics. Renew your choices. No lolling around like a star victim. No longer take solace in the unfairness of Life. Take a new tract. Champion yourself. You can do it. You are the only one who can do it.

If you want to eat a ripe plum, reach up and pluck it. True, a ripe plum can fall from the tree right into your lap, yet don’t wait for the plum to drop. Life doesn’t have to prove itself to you. Better that you prove yourself to Life.

If you want to be a star athlete, practice. Don’t be laissez-fair. Take your own pulse. Rise to the fore.

If you are in a rut, get out of it. Be responsible for your Life. Make your own luck. Forage for yourself. Be beholden to yourself. Take a new direction. Hop to it!

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As a matter of fact when

As a matter of fact when concerning Heavenletters, we can only love what Life brings us and jump up and down with joy at all the gifts that come our way. !

We have seen such examples right here on the forum. Love the comments and ideas and openness. Thrilled with Rover's contributions for a powerhouse book.

Here are four comments that I want to share. They are more than comments. They are taking action really and give such great support.

Let me give you a little background on Tarryn Coetzee, South Africa, Marketing Manager of Body and Mind. I had the pleasure of meeting Tarryn when I was in South Africa. Beautifully and humbly, Tarryn has gone out of her way to give us a website on her site from the goodness of her expanded heart in order to boost Heavenletters' territory of influence. Imagine, just like that. This is the sort of thing of which fairy tales are made.

Just now she emailed to thank me! (when I cannot thank her enough!) And then she goes out of her way not only to say how much she values and loves Heavenletters and to SHOW her support.

She wrote:

Gloria, I have added this whole testimonial from Mark William Land -- and shared it for you on FACEBOOK, GOOGLE PLUS, and LINKED IN! ! May this bring more subscribers to Heavenletters! Kind regards,

Tarryn Coetzee
Marketing Manager: Body and Mind
031 701 7548 | 081 490 9191

The gist of Mark's comment is: How is it possible that everyone doesn't love Heavenletters?

Here are two more wonderful comments to nourish our Souls:

From Santhan, also known as Heaven Admin, and also from beautiful South Africa wrote:

Heavenletters is an integral catalyst in our shift to a new era.

Stephen Elmaleh from the United States wrote:

Congratulations on 6,000 great messages!! I hope they never end.

I'm going to ask William Harader, Heaven Tech, to please add some images to this post to make it shine.

Thanks, everyone! Come back to see the illustrated post!

Wonderful, thank you so

Wonderful, thank you so much!

Love, Clemens

We are ONE

We are Divine. Nothing is too good to be true.

Christine, your words bear

Christine, your words bear remembering -- nothing is too good to be true. NOTHING IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. What if we all thought that!

Tarryn, lovely person that she clearly is, wrote back several beautiful comments. I picked this one to share here, for her thinking goes high and beyond:

"Thank you, Gloria, and lots of love to you and your stunning team!"!

So stunning.

Nothing is too good to be true

I absolutely love that!


Can't seem to email you. Server rejected address.

In this land of milk and

In this land of milk and honey, dear Stephen, also co-exist glitches! Santhan is working on these glitches! So glad your photo got through. Thank you for your persistence and shining through.

I cant get over all the wonderful comments. I love them.