If You Did Not Expect…

God said:

You long for life to be easy. I tell you it is.

You feel life is hard when you expect things to be a certain way, and they do not live up to your expectation. If you did not expect, you would not be dismayed, and you would not oppose so much. You think that life opposes you, but it is you who oppose it.

Let go, let go. You try to direct life too much with your thoughts. You think you are a lever that pries up life. You think that if you do this and that, life should do thus and so.

You bargain with life. You make conditions.

Make no conditions. Your conditions block the good you so await.

Go along with life.

Do not rail against the rain or the sun or the snows or the wind. Meet them. Accept their presence in your life. They are passersby. They are scenery. You don't control the scenery, and it need not control you. It does control you when you fight against it. When you resist, you are fighting. You have let the scenery tell you what to do.

This is not the same as saying you are to be buffeted by the wind. It is not saying that you are a straw to be blown this way and that. It is not saying that you must pretend the wind is not there. It is saying: the wind isn't the determiner of you, and you are not the determiner of it.

You judge the wind. You say it is a bad thing. When life does not present itself to you according to your mind-set, you think something wrong has happened. Nothing wrong happened. You just didn't get your way. What happens happens. What you make of it is what you make of it.

When things do not go the way you want, that is all that has happened. Life does not have to go the way you want. It may know better than you.

Life does not conspire against you, although it certainly rewards you.

Do not assess life so much. Eschew the words good and bad.

When you open a box, you cannot control the contents. All you can do is open the box. If the contents are not what you wanted, you don't have to fret or storm about it. The box becomes an obstacle or punishment to you only as much as you say so.

You wanted a short flight of stairs. Instead it is longer than you thought. Should you kick the stairway because it has the number of steps it has? Should you drag your feet. Or should you climb up and reach a turning point?

Perhaps you wanted to ride on an escalator. But even the escalator may go too slow for you.

Or you take an elevator. But even when you step into the elevator, it may not rise fast enough for you.

Patience is not tolerance. Patience knows that you are going fast enough. Patience knows that you can step around what is in your way. Patience knows that you are progressing.

Your dismay says that your view of life needs an overhaul because your view of life has set you up. You have decided that life is hard or life lets you down. You are the precursor of your life. It does bend to your bidding, but you cannot whip it to its knees. You are the master of yourself but not of life.

What do you look at? Look at progress, and you feel it. It is not harder to be satisfied than it is to be dissatisfied. It is just another way of looking at things.

Decide that life is easy. That is the premise for you to go on.