If God Could Weep

God said:

In terms of the relative world, there are varieties of people, and there are varieties of languages, and, yet, they are all One. You are all One.

Languages grew from the land they arose in, and, yet, all languages are also One, one common denominator, from one common sound.

Languages are not bedlam. Languages grew from the Earth. Certain flowers grow in Alaska, and other flowers grow in Florida, and this is as it is meant to be.

Languages also grew according to the climate, and as people grow according to the climate - by climate I mean all aspects -- the land, the air, the foliage, the mountains, the deserts, the streams - the personality of the land, so to speak - and the language of the land are perfect, just as the people of the land are perfect, just as the land itself is perfect.

At the beginning of the inception of language, regardless of the special characteristics of the land, all languages started with a sound from My throat, the same sound from My throat, so all languages grew from Me just as everything grows from Me. The lands grew, countries grew, people grew, language grew. They sprouted.

Only love came full-grown, full-blown, at its height, for on every scale of My Voice, from every cadence from My throat, love from Heaven poured forth upon the Earth. Dimensionless, love permeated every dimension. Do not for one moment think that love does not thrive even when you cannot see it. Life would not exist at all without the existence of love. Nothing would exist without love. There is no existence without love.

No country, no people, no nothing would exist without love. Love may be battened down, and, yet, even battened down, love exists. Torn apart, blasted, love cannot be vanquished, life cannot be vanquished. And all languages are languages of love.

How many sounds are there, and how many languages can there be? Infinite. And languages made themselves. No one invented them. They arose from the land and the people of the land, and they arose from My heart.

No one is to scoff at any language or any people, for all are Mine.

If I could weep, and I cannot for I have no tears and no need for them, I would weep when My children do not love one another, respect one another. I would weep at this with individuals, and I would weep with this with nationalities and so on. There is nothing on the planet that is not to be loved and cherished and regarded with great respect.

Which flower is not lovely? Which apple from My garden is not lovely? And which flower or fruit is not Mine, given to you to enjoy? And which animal is not My treasure that I have bestowed upon you? And which human being is not the heart of My soul and given to you to be honored as I do honor each one of My children who are indeed made in the image of Myself and strewn upon the world to be loved as I do love them and as I do love you. Even when you set yourself apart, I love you.

Of course, I do. I am made of love, and I made you of the selfsame love. And when you do not love all, had I the capability of weeping, I would weep tears, not for the one unloved, but for you who did not give My love when I gave it to you to give.

What you give, you give to Me. What you do not give, you do not give to Me. There is no least of Me to give to. There is simply Me to give to. There is no less than I to give to. And so I ask you to love now, and now love all.

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One of the masterpieces

One of the masterpieces xoxoxox Wonderful xoxox

Beloved Engin, I feel the

Beloved Engin, I feel the same way. Thank you so much for posting, canim. More, more!