I Have Given You the World

God said:

It is not your place in the world to be clever or right. It is not for you to point out the errors of the world. It is not for you to point out the errors in anyone or anything. You are a mender of hearts.

If someone has made a table and one leg is splayed, naturally you don't pretend the table sits right. Point out what needs to be done, or move the leg straight yourself, but not at the expense of the heart of the one who made it. A damaged table is nothing next to a damaged heart.

The same goes for Creation. Imbalance abounds. Who are you to ply the errors of the world? Complaints about the world are stale. They have been parlayed enough. Make your words be blessings to the world. Certainly, you would agree that the world needs more blessings than it needs to have the error of its ways pointed out. How much good has pointing out error done?

You may negate the world and blame Me for it, but how does that benefit the world? If you are to be a benefactor to the world, then benefit it. Do not propound its faults. Do not deplore it nor ridicule it. There is enough negativity in the world. Why, then, multiply negativity or rivet it in place?

Be original.

I have given you to the world to re-inspire it. I have not given you to the world to rail against. If you want the world to stay just as it is, denounce it. If you want to lift the vibration of the world, lift your own. Every word you speak has its own vibration. If you are feeling down on the world, you will do well to keep it to yourself. Every time you proclaim fault, you send out low waves upon the universe. Certainly, thoughts do that as well, but first, hold your tongue.

If you have been thinking that the world is a mess, then let your attention alight on something that is right with the world. Maybe water flows from the tap. Maybe a bird sings the glories of life. Maybe you can do a somersault or touch your toes or wiggle them. Maybe your headache is less. Maybe somewhere a flower is blooming. Maybe a carpenter hammers, a child laughs, a baby is born. Maybe, just maybe, there is a God of Love winding the handle of the nickelodeon of life.

If the world has blemishes, do not embed them deeper. Anyone can do that. It takes no skill. But to see beyond the blemishes of the world takes brilliance. Is not brilliance the light that I have given to you? Be a brightener to the world. Conduct yourself in the world as if you are the only one who can raise it. And then raise it.

It is you I have sent to the world to lift it. You are needed to brighten the world, and, so, that is why you brighten your own heart first.

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Maybe, just maybe...

"there is a God of Love winding the handle of the nickelodeon of life."

With a much-brightened heart I send my Love to All.


Beloved Angela, what a great

Beloved Angela, what a great Heavenletter you came across! How did you happen to find it?

You have given me another Heavenletter to read aloud for recording and a fantastic short quotation for a book of short quotations! I love the metaphor God uses here. I had absolutely no recollection of it.

So thank you very much!

Now, while I've got you, I just had a thought and maybe it would be all right with you -- if what I suggest is all right with anybody else, that would be terrific.

I just pressed the Link way about that says I Like This (or something like that.) I would ask everyone to click that link as well because that helps Heavenletters to get picked up the search engines.

There is also another link to press, a Google link. For that to work, I have to put in some names for that link to go to. I don't have any names! I have never wanted to impose on anyone. But until I have names on that list, Google doesn't happen.

So, Angela, can I put you down on that list? I don't really know what happens except that then Google will accept my click. Does Google then send you everyone who clicks that link on Heavenletters -- I don't know.

Angela, and anyone else, want to give it a try? Please let me know. Thanks a bunch!