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i am love,

i am love to help people to breing heavenletter,
to eny pleace,

Beloved Carmen, that is very

Beloved Carmen, that is very easy to see! Thank you so much.

Angel, we want to get you registered on the forum so your Tagalog translations can be posted on the Translation page under Tagalog.

Are you translating Heavenletters into Danish as well? Or who is? Heaven Admin will add Danish to the list of translations so Danish translations can be posted under Danish translations on the Translation page. ..

Carmen,we want you to be able to poste translations under the Translation column so we know what language is being translation and so we know where to find your translations in years to come.

Here are the questions we need answered one at a time.

1. Is there someone, dear Carmen, who will assist you in registering on the forum?

2. How long does it take you to translate a Heavenletter into Tagalog?

3.. Are you translating Heavenletters into Danish?

4.. If you are not, who is?

5. Do you have a list of people you send Heavenletters to?

Carmen, we are so grateful for all you do. You are truly an angel.

Love, Gloria

Dearest Gloria, It looks

Dearest Gloria, It looks like Carmen is registered now as demaluna...she has just posted a new Tagalog translation, and in the appropriate forum.