How to Lead the World

God said:

When you are feeling down, there is only one way to go, and that is up. Be encouraged by that. In any case, it is for you to rise above the world. You can’t stay down forever. You don’t have to wait for the world to uplift you. You can uplift the world. You must.

As you uplift, someone or something in the world will uplift you. Sometimes when you least expect it, something beautiful happens. You meet someone wonderful, or you receive a wonderful email, or you find a quotation that changes your whole mood.

Well, certainly, you have let something pull your mood down. By the same token, you can let something pull your world up.

Keep giving to the world even when you feel no recompense. You do not give to the world in order to be paid. You give to the world because it is your good nature to and because I, your Father, request that of you.

You may go inward, and yet it is also for you to go outward and mix with the world and give it a glimpse of what life will be when you are a giver. It is that simple. In order to receive, it is best that you be a giver. Only you give without thought of receiving. Let’s face it. Life is not all about you. Life is about you, yet you are not the whole topic.

You help the world most by setting a good example. A good example is higher than the example you might reveal when all you think about is yourself. You do not lack importance, and yet you are not the only one. That is why you want to be brother or sister to all, for all are in your keeping. The whole world is in your keeping. The world was given to you to nurture. True, the world will nurture you, and yet you are well-advised to nurture the world first.

When you are tempted to make a complaint about one thing or another – certainly, there is no lack of that which to complain about – you are to turn the cards around. That is why I ask you to uplift others.

If you are feeling down, odds are you are putting too much attention on how you feel. Better to contribute to the world. If you want to lift your mood, then uplift the world. Help the world to be cheerful, and then you will be.

I am not speaking of false gaiety. I am speaking of getting out of yourself and making a contribution. The world is made for you, yet the world is not made for you to complain about. You are meant to serve. Blessed are the servants of the world. They do not have all the time in the world to think about themselves and what they don’t have. They are focused on what they are doing. They are focused on the minute at hand.

If you are in service to Me, you are in service to others. There is no getting around it. The world does not owe you a living. Nor do you owe the world. You owe it to yourself to benefit the world. Benefit your corner of the world, and you will be benefiting the world entire. Serve one person, and you serve everyone. This is the beauty of service.

If you do not want to be a cog in the wheel, then be the wheel. Be the wheel even on a small cart. Be the wheel that leads the cart. This is how you lead the world.

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The intent to serve

This is another in a line of Heavenletters that come to me just as I am dealing with the kinds of difficulties it addresses. Of course they come to everyone; of course they are not written just for me, but it seems so. I am trying to decide how to allocate any free time I have to either working on a book I have in progress or my blog that I am developing. I guess I am making a mountain out of a mole-hill, as they say. Both are intended to be a service. After reading this letter, I feel more like the decision is not all that important. What matters is the intent to serve.

My best to all…….Chuck

Beloved Chuck, I am

Beloved Chuck, I am convinced that all Heavenletters are written for me!

That Heavenletters strike a chord within each one of us indicates that we are all One!

Chuck, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, by your Being, by your very presence, you are serving.

Loving you, Gloria

Oh my dear Chuck, you serve

Oh my dear Chuck, you serve very well. You serve also when you write to me, your unconditional love go over your words and lift my heart. You serve also when you think you don't. Your presence is the brilliance for everyone.
Much love

Thank you, ladies

Gloria, dear, I think the hardest thing for me is to keep in mind that we are all one. I think my trouble, in regards to service, is that I tend to always worry about “efficiency.” I see the humorous image of chicken little running around calling out: “The sky is falling!” In my case, I am saying over and over to myself: “What is the best thing to do?” “What is the best thing to do?” ;-)

Pitta, dear, you have such a lovely way about you. When you say my words lift your heart a feel like I am indeed doing what this letter says we should do.

Your words uplift my heart, both of you,

Much love and hugs,


Beloved Chuck, what you keep

Beloved Chuck, what you keep in your heart doesn't need to be kept in your mind! Pitta is right.

As for your book or blog, do both! You don't have to plan.

Mke your blogs shorter if that helps!

Two great pieces of advice

I do now plan to do both blog and book simultaneously, actually the two efforts do compliment each other nicely. My wife says I have a one track mind, there is truth to that. I just have to work on being more flexible ;-)

Yep, my blog articles have been waaaaay too long. That is relatively easy to fix, though. Your blog post lengths are very good, I will try to emulate. Thanks, again, hon.


I speak about my own path,

I speak about my own path, about my biggest barrier, but the most difficult thing (or thought) to leave is "What is the best thing to do?". This is the will to keep control about everthing. Leave the control to itself. Surrender, I think, is but this: no control. The best thing to do? None. The will of your soul, is the best, each impulse we think about. I love you so much.