How to Find God's Holy Light within You

God said:

Life is eternal, but your present life, as you know it, is temporary. It is a blink of an eye. You are on this plane for an allotted moment of so-called time. And so you make the most of it. There is always more you can make of it.

Life is not exactly a puzzle you put together, but there is that aspect of it. With every concept and deed of yours, you are putting the puzzle together. You cannot help it, for life is of your making.

Make of it what you will. You are part of creation. You are integral to it. You are linked to all of life. Life is not for you alone. It never is. It cannot be.

Every step you take affects the whole universe. Do not underestimate your effect on earth. Even if you are in the middle of a forest alone, your footfall reverberates throughout the universe. Every thought you have reaches every leaf on every tree. Every song you sing echoes throughout creation. Your song reaches to the stars that shine down upon you. The sun and the moon collect the notes of your tune and sprinkle them on the Milky Way.

You are well-connected.

On earth, there is no one who is not affected by you. No one. The world does in fact weep with you, just as much as it laughs with you. You strike a chord, and you tune the universe. An orchestra vaster than you can presently conceive plays, and you are part of it. You are heard. Hear then.

Let the music of the spheres fall from your heart and lips. Play notes higher than you have ever played before. I lift the baton.

Know your life is for God. It is for My benefit. Your life is a gift I have given you. You open the gift as you sing it. You return to Me the volume of life I gave you. You present it to Me day by day.

Not a page of your life is wasted. Every page makes its mark on the universe. You flip the pages of your life, and so it is spent. It is meant to be spent. That is how you return the favor to Me.

Spend your life freely and generously, for there is always more. It cannot be divested.

Do not despair of what you see in life, for you and life are many-rayed and many-dimensioned. Even as you live life on the dimension of earth, you live also in Heaven. In Heaven you are revitalized. You appear before Me always, and you stay with Me always even as you spend yourself on earth. It has to be so.

You are a hallowed being. In Heaven, you do not spend. Spending has no meaning in Heaven. In Heaven, you receive everything. All is given to you. And emanated from you.

On earth, too, everything is laid out for you. You can receive greater than at present. Know that you are a receiver of great boons. Great boons are given to everyone on earth. That you are on earth is itself a great boon. Your life on earth is a boon to you and to the universe.

You shine My light. Whether you see My light in you or not, you are shining it. There are no exceptions. This is the meaning of "Let your light so shine before men." These words are meant for every single person on earth. You have light, or why would I tell you to shine it. Be assured that My light is within you. You would not exist without it, neither in Heaven nor on earth.

Find My light within you by shining it.