How Much Happiness Can You Give Today?

God said:

It's easy for you to seek other people and situations that will make you happy, not that you always find them. On the other hand, it takes some thought for you to consider what you can do to make life nicer for someone else. Not because you want so see yourself as wonderful or to be seen as wonderful, but because you would like someone else to have happiness.

When you are a people-pleaser, you are pleasing yourself. You are thinking that you will be happier or safer by virtue of pleasing others. Your intent to make others pleased is your attempt to not ruffle their feathers. It is not truly your concern for their happiness. It is your concern for yours. And, so, your attempts to please are the easy path and not always honest.

Now that that is settled, know you are not to give yourself over to another, for that makes no one happy. On the other hand, your attention doesn't always have to be on you.

Carry the thought with you lightly today: "How much happiness can I give today? What moment of myself can I give to someone who might like it? What communication can I deepen? Whom do I want to be happy? How do I go about it? Why haven't I thought of this before?"

Even one truthful word can be sunlight for someone. Your thoughtfulness could be the one bright light in their horizon today. You are not the only one who has what you call bad days. You do not know how much a smile and a mere hello from you can mean to someone. You do not know how many people, even those seemingly happy, are starved for a small recognition, that they are even seen, that their presence on Earth matters to someone even if just for a moment. You do not begin to know what you do for someone when your attention is less on yourself.

Perhaps you complain, if only to yourself, that your neighbor's grass is too tall or their sidewalk unshoveled. Perhaps you will help as neighbors of old did do. If you see trash on a neighbor's sidewalk, pick it up. It is not an accident that your neighbor lives across the street from you or next to you.

If someone in your own home leaves clothing around, what if, instead of complaining, you pick it up. What if this kindness means something to the one you have been harping at? What if by removing what annoys you, your annoyance turns into compassion? Is this not the truth of turning the other cheek?

Isn't it a pity that My children may need to be reminded to think of others? And isn't it impractical how you, who seek happiness, may overlook one of the main ways to gain it?

What are you hurrying for? And what are you hurrying to? Allow time to look in everyone's eyes today. Even if it is only a minute of your attention, give freely and fully that one minute.

Look into another's eyes and find Me there. When you look into someone's eyes, their eyes will meet yours. Perhaps they will see Me in your eyes. Such joy is too much for anyone to miss merely because of the habit of dashing through life.

It is good to care about those far from you. And it is good to care about those close to you. You may not be able to help everyone directly, but you can be of service to someone today. Do not be shy to extend your heart. And, if you are shy, then give anonymously. Giving is the one instance of anonymity I endorse. Leave a flower then on your neighbor's doorstep.

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this hl is a very sweet one...

yes it is!

Dear Jim, from this

Dear Jim, from this Heavenletter you remind us of, I especially love this one line:

Even one truthful word can be sunlight for someone.

Bless you, Jim, for the sun you shine.

Hi Gloria!

Thank you Gloria!....I do believe that when we live more and more from the Heart of compared to the hypnotic mutterings and posturings and meanderings from the human mind......we make a huge difference...,.,.,.in the lives of ourselves, family and well as the entire universe! Much love....Jim(i)