How Many Layers of Life Have You Counted as Yet?

God said:

Beloved, opportunity is before you. You may find yourself at the beginning of a new era. In fact, this seems to be inevitable. You grow. You grow anew. Consider that you blossom. Be glad you blossom. Be glad you have a new spurt of consciousness. You are ever-growing. Opportunities to be greater than you were yesterday are before you. Growth of consciousness is happening.

You are someone who progresses. The physical may appear the same. No matter, you are a traveler in life. No one from the outside fully knows the landscape you travel.

I know. And you are always learning. There are the arenas in which you travel a mile a minute. There is consciousness.

Whatever may seem to occur in life, it is short-sighted to take on appearances at full value.

There is a reason for whatever occurs in life, and there is a reason for what doesn’t occur in life. Even when a body appears paralyzed or unconscious, life is still going on. In the process which the world calls death, something glorious may be going on. You are a human Being. Something is afoot. Life does not have to be one presumed way or another.

There is more to life than what appears to be this way or that. Appearances are not everything. Thought and recognition are not necessarily all that there is. Behind and beyond common life are bushels more.

Absolutely, there is far greater than what is named the finite. There is also the Infinite. Three cheers! There is vaster than the vast. There is no need to speed. There is no loss despite all the evidence you see for loss. Oh, sure, the temporal wanders here and there. Leaves fall from trees. Snow falls from the sky. Apples fall from their trees. You take a bite of an apple. Life changes, and life is unending. Life befalls. Life doesn’t have to pop up one way or another to be life.

Life is like a proposition. Life comes your way, and life is more than what meets the eye. Life makes hay while the sun shines. Life always appears as it appears depending upon whose eyes are looking and presumably what he or she sees or doesn’t see, and how does the one who is looking know anyway?

There is no end to life, to the depths and the heights and perspectives. How tall do you stand, and what are you looking for at any given moment, and what is at your disposal? How far do you look? How far do you see?

Look from the angle I see. Life may turn upside down or inside out. There is always another angle. You are often seeing more today than you saw yesterday, or you are seeing differently from how you used to see.

How do you know how accurately you are seeing? It has been said that only God knows.

You may well be positive that you are right, and you may just as well be mistaken.

Generally speaking, it is better to be open-minded than closed-minded. Besides, varied conclusions may also be differing and simultaneously accurate. How many layers of life have you counted as yet anyway?