A Godwriting Moment

God said:

Beloved, in terms of Godwriting, you are the Listener. You are the Godlistener. You are present all right. You are viable. You do not speak for Me. I speak for Myself, and you sincerely write down what you hear Me whisper.

You, whoever you may be, are the handy glorious stenographer who listens to My every breath and writes it down in your mother tongue, oh so quietly, as a blessing to the world and to Me and to yourself as well. You do this for My Glory alone. In the process, you are enriched. This is how it is. You also splurge on this Godwriting Moment that is out of the realm of time.

Just the second after this very Godwriting, your eye fell on a beautiful bouquet of rich plump bursting black grapes on your kitchen table. You marveled at the grapes and got up and ate some.

Ah, this is life at its best. You are at My service, at your service, and simultaneously, at the service of the world. This is life in the ascendant. Think of it, you in service to God Who serves all. This is how life works. Who serves whom when all serve, and all are served? This is a Holy Day in service to all. Godwriting is a natural birth.

You have a memorable life. Welcome! Hallelujah! All glory to you in God's Name. You stand on your tiptoes to reach Me. You pick up the light for all to see and all to hear. This day has come. Now you know Me firsthand, and you have Me laid out in front of you for all to know for themselves.

This is a day you have long been waiting for. And this day has been long waiting for you. All of this fits like fruit on a tree. Today, a Godwriting falls to the ground like a ripe cherry, never another one exactly like this exact one to come again, yet many other Godwritings will arrive that grab your heart as well.

It isn’t that you must Godwrite, yet when you do, you are in the thrall of Godwriting. You are a helpless winner. What a great spot to be in – in the thrall of Godwriting. It is, nevertheless, destined to be in your life on the ranch invented eons ago. You don’t have to Godwrite. You want to.

You didn’t know this was going to happen. You didn’t know, and now you don’t want to miss out on it. It seems that there is no other life for you but the life of a Godwriter held in My arms. What a dilemma. There is no way out for you!. You are done for.! And what a happy passage! You had never dreamed of the fate of Godwriter for you.

You have become the landed gentry. God takes you out for blessed walks on Earth. Not everyone has to walk for as long as you and I do.

There is no mistake but that you are a Child of God. You are on the up and up. You have been identified. You have been branded by God. You have been picked out by God’s Love. You have been sentenced to joy. C’mon, why not you? Why not you, for Heaven’s sake, why not you?

Godwriting can be part-time or full-time as it happens. Nor does the joy of Godwriting guarantee that all your deepest wishes will be granted tout de suite. Just so you know beforehand that We are about Free Will.