How Inevitable We Are

God said:

It’s fun when We, you and I, get together. It is always Sunshine when We move in the Universe. Do you feel it? What can rub you the wrong way when We are One together? Look how good We can be together. Look how adventurous We are. And how inevitable.

Today, Life is like the best day of the year. Rather, it is the best year in Life so far until this upcoming moment, and there is another day ascending the horizon, as the Smooth-Running Wheels of the Rich Universe roll. Nothing ever goes on without Our Say-So. You and I, the Myriads of Oneness in this World of Earth go on together, silently undisputed. I am saying that We are well-met in Life.

Never are you stuck in the Universe. You and I, We are the undisputed Guides of the Universe. We toss it up in the air, and We catch it with the Grace of a Ballerina all in Good Time.

I give you the world. You inherit it. You are in the process of inheritance. Hallowed be thy Name, you whom I always chose. The Creation Process continues. You have been discovered, and you dance around in this jaunt you have always been on.

Who has discovered you? You discovered and discover you. You uncover you. You open up the package. You know how to wrap yourself. What happened to the days that once upon a time startled you?

Now you lay them out on the carpet, and you tremble with joy. You have an expectation, and you see it through even as you go off-stage. There is never an ending to this that is called Life.

There is something wonderful going on in the world. You participate in it. You accept this new as yet unknown Gift of Life from God, accept with all the Love in the World. There is a lot of Love in the World. This is what you are born for. You reverberate Love throughout the Universe, and you pick it up. You cast the votes, and you count them.

You and Life and its Subjects are in Trust with each other. You cast your lots. This is evolutionary. It happens to you, and you also make it happen as I swirl you around in the firmament. This Experience of Life may seem to be forced upon you as if you have no choice, yet, this is your freely-given Will. You simply can’t miss the experience. You are bidden, and you are free. You have all the choice in the world even as you are powerless to resist. You become a Tenor of Life.

Amazing are the paths you seemingly fall upon. Life is a mile-a-minute as it comes around the bend. Life comes around the bend, and you also pluck Life out. You are an adept at meeting Life. You are shot out of a rocket, and yet you hardly move.

I tell you to say, “Yes,” to Life. Once and for all, say, “Yes, and Yes, and Yes.”

Pick out the attributes of yourself. Don’t cover yourself up with Doubt. Engage. Today is the day rolled out on the cutting board for you.

Gratefully accept the contract of this Amazing Fabrication and Fantasy attributed to Life. You are always at the Summit of Life. You travel the Highest Path. We have an appointment, Beloveds, and We never miss it. The Time is Now. We twirl a baton, and We never finish. Ongoing are We always. There is no end to the One of Us. There is always more up Our Sleeves.

Infinity is Our Name.

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Today's Heavenletter struck

Today's Heavenletter struck me as stunning. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for God's Heavenletters and all they give.

I really need Heavenletters

I really need Heavenletters in my life. It allows me to not get sucked into the illusion of life. The message is so potent and simplistic. It reminds me of being a child and marveling at the world. It reminds me of being a kid and knowing with someone is not being truthful - that perception of understanding the truth. The message is Truth. The message is needed. The message is energy. It removes the skepticism of humanity and puts the focus on the only individual who can change themselves. Let the world be. We are the change the world desires to see.


BEAUTIFUL, Yahweh. Inspiring!

BEAUTIFUL, Yahweh. Inspiring!

We twirl a baton, and We never finish

Gloria, I have noticed that there are about 15 adult people around GOD and they are all having a good time playing, with GOD in the midst as the Leader unmistakably, and they all are happily following God around. It is a happy scene and can be called comical from Earth's perspective. But everyone is having a good time.Fun. Fun.Fun. To be around Our Creator.

Let LOVE full every heart
Let LOVE overflow in all Creation
Lets give LOVE to All and Everything
Accept this love and become Love
I love you. I give you more Love.
Hallowed be the name of God.

Hi, Victor. I don't

Hi, Victor. I don't understand what you are saying in your first paragraph, dear one. 15 people? There must be millions and billions!

I do understand your second stanza very well.