How Does Your Garden Grow?

God said:

Beloveds, let Me put it this way: “How do you grow your garden?” You are the Grower.

Life doesn’t have to be hard the way you see it. May Life be easy the way you see it! Give Life a hand up. Be glad to let go of complaints once and for all. And why not now?

Life asks that you get complaints off Life’s back. When is enough enough? Make an end to complaints now so that that peace reigns in your Life and, therefore, raises the f the world to new heights.

Beloveds, when you feel pressure in your Life, relieve it. I say to relieve it – not to relive it! Yes, let’s be on Our Way right now.

No more replaying what you may have found difficult for you. Move forward. Why stay where you happen to see yourself, when it’s far better that you see otherwise. Oh, yes, let’s get on with Life.

One summer your garden flowers abundantly. Your farm grows a good crop. Another summer there could be too much rain or not enough. Life changes. Life is under no obligation to stay in place.

No matter what, you will do well to take Life less personally. Throw off the idea of burden. There is no advantage to faulting Life. May you not rail at anyone or, Beloveds, shake your fist at Me, or anyone, as if you are sure that you are singled out for the express purpose of going through a hard time. Really, what do you think Life has done to you, and why would you think it is a treat for Me to go out of My Way to leave you feeling high and dry? What exactly do you think has been done to you anyway? Think differently.

Ah, one way or another, the rain rained on your parade. Understandably, you don’t like it, yet you can also take whatever Life hands you in your stride and not as payback. Whatever occurs in Life isn’t a personal affront.

Rise above hurt feelings. Don’t have them in the first place. Why blame anyone or anything for where you happen to land from one day to another? Why bother, Beloveds?

Get away from the idea of ruing Life. Beloveds, I see you don’t as yet know your importance in the world. You don’t know what can accrue to the world when you face forward. Come, help in holding the world up and tying it to the Stars.

Put away your trusty can opener and eat something else besides your stand-by canned tuna. Beloveds, today is a new day and not a day by default.

You want Life to give you choices, yes? Now, Innocent Ones, will you give Life some leeway? Accept Life as it shows up today. I do not ask you to applaud every single turn in the road, yet you are here to give Life a chance. It’s not for you to cold-shoulder Life. It is for you to give Life a run for its money.

Just as you might plump up the cushions on your couch, plump up the cushions of your Life. Breathe Life into Life. Go ahead and change your approach. If you want a New Life, change your take on Life. Change what you make of Life.

Just as you might wash and polish your car, consider adding shine to your Life. Give your Life a new start. Just as you water your garden, water your Life. Renovate your Life. Think of generously giving happiness. Let’s start over every day from now on.

Fare thee well.

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Several years ago my Heart decided to move into a complaint free World and I feel lighter and more joy filled in this World. My Precious Innocent Heart wants to Be Loved and Cherished and there is no room for complaining in the Field of Love. I AM grateful, I AM grateful, I AM grateful.