How Beautiful Is the World God Has Made

God said:

How beautiful is the world I have spread out before Us. How beautiful are the hills and valleys. How beautiful are the waters upon the Earth. How beautiful are My children that I sent forth to multiply. Beloveds, multiply love. Multiply love.

What else is needed in the world but the love that is yours to give? Tell Me, what would not be taken care of amply when there is ample love? What could possibly be lacking when there is love full-blown from your heart?

The whole world depends upon your love. The world has been seeking your love, craving it, yearning for it, even demanding it. What is all the fuss in the world about but a demand for love? There has not been enough distribution of love. Love, like money, has to be circulated. It can't stand still. Love and money have to flow and never stop. Clogged love must be unclogged. Any impediment to the full-flow of love from your heart must be removed. All impediments. The world depends upon your love. I depend upon it.

The world has had enough friction, big and little. It has had more than enough conflict, big and little. Let's call conflict what it is. It is war. In war, there are two sides, both against the other. That is war, beloveds. Yes, a tug of war. One side wants to win, and wants the other side to lose, no matter what the cost. The cost is like when the two women each told the King that the baby was hers. The King said: "Well, let's cut the baby in half then. That's fair." One mother said, "Okay." The other mother said, "Let the child go to the other woman then."

The first woman was thinking of victory. That made her short-sighted. Her decision would have been very costly indeed. The second woman had the presence to think of the baby, and the King gave the baby to the mother who loved. Love won. Love is the only winner.

What spoils of war and contention do you want more than the good of the world? The world is your baby, the world you nourish with love. Love this world. When you give love unstintingly, the world will be nourished. The world will be holy. Filled with love, the world will welcome and bless all. All this will be because you gave your love out without constriction.

Wake up, and think: "What a wonderful world I wake up to!" This is love.

"What a wonderful world I have before me to move in and live in and sit in and travel in. What a wonderful world God has given me. God gave me jurisdiction over this world. He gave me the world to love, not just here and there, but everywhere. Not just this time or that time, but for all time. A commandment was given to me to love my neighbor as myself."

Beloveds, love yourself, and you won't be selfish. Love yourself, and you will be generous. What is the food of love but generosity? Not selflessness either. Generosity. When you are aware of your love, it is easy to give it and give it and give it. It takes no toll. The love you give is the bread of your life. Give this bread of life to all, and a feast will show up for all. You will break bread with others. It will be as natural for you to share as it is to eat.

Abundance will be yours. It is not enough to desire abundance for yourself. You must desire it for all. And you must be the deliverer of abundance to all. You are the deliverer of love to all. I do not know another way. Do you know another way?