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How to add images - revised


To add images to forum posts, we are going to

1) Upload the image to the webserver
2) Insert the image into our message

Here is a step by step

1) Upload the image to the webserver
Look to the right hand side menu called "User Navigation" (You must be logged in to see this menu)
Click "Create content" to expand the options
Click "Forum topic"
Scroll to the bottom of the page
Click the "File attachments" link to expand the options
Click "Browse", to find an image on your computer that you want to use and select it by clicking "Open"
Click "Attach"
You will notice an animation indicating that the image is being uploaded from your computer to the website computer. Once it is uploaded, you will see the image file name.

2) Insert the image into our message
Now lets place this image into your forum message where you want it to appear. By clicking the button above the message body box, that looks like this image button a small box will popup with the following fields:
Image Url - In this box type the following: heaven/yourimagename.jpg or the url to the image on another server that you want to insert
Width x Height - optional:you may leave this blank
Alternative Text - briefly describe the image in less than 5 words

The Image Url field is the path to where the image resides on the webserver, in relation to this webpage. All images for the Heavenletters website reside inside the "heaven" folder. When you look below the File attachments box you will notice it says some thing like You may either copy and paste this entire path or type: heaven/thenameofyourimagefile.jpg

For the picture of Rama and Sita our path would be: heaven/Rama.jpg

Any questions or difficulties please post back here.

Dearest Santhan, many many

Dearest Santhan,

many many thanks for your explanations and many many thanks for this wonderful picture of Rama and Sita !!!!!!!!

Love and blessings to you dear