Honor Yourself

God said:

Remember what's important to you. Do not just get caught up in life in all directions. Be not so much at the beck and call of others. Life delivers many messages to you, every which way. Yet there are only so many you can pick up.

Remember that you are more than an automaton that must respond to everything that would admit itself into your life. Because a ball rolls to your feet does not mean you have to pick it up. Because many things chase you doesn't mean you have to chase them.

Everything that comes to you comes for a reason. One reason may be so you learn that you cannot accept everything that comes to you. Some things you have to pass on. As in a game of poker, you cannot play every hand.

You have a purpose here. Whatever your purpose is, it is not diversion.

You have an inner life that is calling to you. Do not forsake it. It is the substance of you. Most else is just frills.

You have a priority of desires. Go by your priorities and not so much by the priorities of others. Because someone beckons you does not mean you have to go over. You are not a waitress to the world. You serve, but you are not a waitress.

Remember Who It is you serve. Remember you serve humanity through your service to Me. Your purpose is not to serve humanity but to serve Me. Love humanity and serve Me. When your attention is on Me, you have a bigger picture. You come closer to My vision. You do not get so caught in the details. For the clearest water, you go to the source of the spring.

Now is time for you to announce your personhood to yourself.

You have perhaps been vagrant in your thoughts. You have perhaps left yourself at the mercy of others' thoughts. You may have forgotten your own. Now it is time for you to ascend to yourself.

When you are on a cruise, you can stop at every port and shop. In life, you are not on a cruise but on a mission. Whatever the particulars, you are on a mission of love.

Before you can save all the other swimmers, you must first learn to swim. Before you can give unto others, you must give unto yourself. Before you can teach, you must learn.

You are available, but not too available.

Nurture your heart as well as others'. Mend your own fences. Swab your own deck. When you take care of yourself, you are helping others.

You are not the washerwoman of the world. You are a child of God. You are to be good to all My children, and that includes yourself.

You must honor yourself or else you degrade yourself. You are to honor every child of God, not just some. You are not to honor everyone except yourself. You have to honor yourself before you are capable of honoring others.

It is not that you live only for yourself. It is that you live also for yourself. Clothe the poor and also clothe yourself. Unless you feed yourself, you will not be able to feed others.

Giving love freely does not mean neglecting yourself.

Give as much as you can but not more than you can.

Give as it is your joy to give.

What do you most want out of life? How can you know what you want if you fritter yourself away on everything else?