Honor Peace

God said:

Blessed peace is the beginning and the continuation. War may be over, but peace never. Peace is vibrant. Do not think that war is something, and peace nothing. In peace, everything is lined up optimally, light lit, light shining. What are lights for if not to shine? Peace shines.

Peace is not dullness. It is not inert. It is the liveliest of energies. The energy of discord is strong, but it is low. Do not stoop to discord. Look up instead.

What is it in life that makes you feel attacked? You must feel attacked, or why would you feel you have to defend? What is it you have to defend? Your honor? If you have honor, no one can take that away from you. If you have honor, keep it. Where is the honor in fussing and fuming?

Do not think that war on any front is big, and peace little. Because war costs, do not think that peace is cheap. War consumes great energy. Peace extends energy. What price war? What reward peace! War focuses your attention. Peace expands your attention. War is precise. Peace is vast.

War is packaged. Peace cannot be. War can be held onto. Peace cannot.

War is a disturbance. Declared war is a mass disturbance. But there is war undeclared even in private homes. There is civil war within families. There are feuds. There is desire to hurt. Why would anyone desire to hurt another when they could desire to love another? What is so wonderful about war that it would be chosen over peace? War seems to be taken as some kind of medal. War pins a medal on you, and it takes away love. War kills. It kills love. You must think you win something with war.

But, of course, love is never vanquished. It can be stomped on, and yet it always reappears. Even in war, flowers grow. What a travesty is perpetuated upon Earth with war? How can Mother Earth be used as a battlefield? How can anyone plot war upon a world where the sun shines? It must be you think peace is some kind of concession.

War makes exceptions. War itself is an exception to love. War loves to feel its importance. How did war ever get so famous, make headlines, be the topic of the day, overtake even gossip? How did war ever get acclaim? Who would acclaim it? Whose chest would swell because of war? Who can take pride in it? Who would want to be a general of it or a foot soldier? Who would want to raise his hand against his brother?

There is no one who is not your brother. Who does not share My heart? Who is not your mother and who is not your child? It is not for you to dispense with even one of My children.

Who would spend time on the wording of a proclamation of war? Write a story instead. Write a shopping list. Draw a picture. Write a poem. Let war be the last thing you would ever do, and you will never get to it. There are plenty of things you have never gotten around to. Let war be one of them.

Welcome diversity. Love the world. Love all the variations of it. Let love fall where it may.

You have not loved enough. You got sidetracked. You thought something else was important, at least for the moment. You traded gold for dross. You thought a nickel was worth more than a dime. You were misled. Fanfare misled you.

And so now you lead. You lead with your heart. You lead with a heart of love. You do not need to be proclaimed a leader. You do not need the title. You need the heart to claim yourself. Promote yourself to leader. Or be foot soldier for Me. There is no difference. Foot soldiers also lead.

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In Sankrit there are two

In Sankrit there are two words that are related to this Heavenletter. Shanti - which may be translated to Inner Peace or tranqulity and there is the word Ahimsa, which may be translated as without desire to kill.

The thought of Shanti once cultivated in the mind, can diffuse the incoherence of uncontrolled anger. When one constantly maintains this state of Shanti within, the vibration of peace becomes stronger and radiates outward blessing the world with peace. May we all learn to constantly remain in a state of Shanti.