Hold This Day High

God said:

You have held onto bubbles that burst, and so it seems that life has disappointed you. Bubbles burst. That is the nature of bubbles. You just can't hold onto them. Why be so attached to bubbles on solid Earth? Enjoy the bubbles, and let them go their way while you come to Me.

You wouldn't trade Eternity for a bursting bubble, would you? And, yet, it seems that you do. It seems that you have. You count on that which cannot be counted on. Such is life in the world. It is a soap opera. Those soap opera people have one disappointment after another. Will they ever learn?

Have big dreams. Have dreams as big as you can make them. But the same as you don't have to have the apple at the top of a tree, you don't have to have it. You can have an apple closer at hand. Or choose a star in the sky. It will be there for you whenever you look up.

Life in the world does not have to be your piece of cake. Nevertheless, you can make the most of what you are served. You make the most by going forward and leaving the snows of yesteryear behind you. Where are they now anyway?

In the sentient world, today's newspaper quickly becomes yesterday's. Why are you so surprised? What is lasting in the world of impermanence?

And is the worth of something how long it lasts? It lasts while it lasts. What else can be said for it? Life in the world seems to be a landscape of rolling hills wherever you look. The level ground does not last forever. The world offers much, but not everything according to your will.

Can you not love life anyway? Can you not let it be a ship, and you give it its sails? The wind blows in the direction it blows, and then the wind changes direction. Must the change in direction influence your joy so, or your unhappiness so? Be happy when the winds of time take you where you want to go, and be happy when the winds change direction.

Life in the world is not a framed photo that stays in place where everyone remains in position and never moves. You really would not like to be locked in place. Life in the world is about movement. It is not about staying still. You cannot stay in kindergarten forever. Life is sliding along as We speak.

Let that be all right with you, for, all the while, you are stationed in My heart.

Let heartbreak go now. You don't need it. You don't need to hold onto it. The past is not to be held onto. You do not lay down the laws of life. Nothing has to be what it was. It simply has to be what it is. It doesn't have to be what it isn't. Face front.

What you hold onto is gossamer. You cannot hold onto it. You have to let it go. There are tides to life, and you cannot stem them. What does this not apply to? Time is not true, and, yet, time marches on, and you are not excepted. That is, your body is no exception. Events in your life are no exception.

And yet you, yourself, are eternal, and joy can be eternal. Why not love the life that is yours as it rounds the corner?

The good days are now. With or without what you wanted and had counted on, the good days are now. Today is a good day. What more do you need than this day that is before you? Hold this day high.

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My life has been very good, thank you for my blessing!

My life has been very good, thank you for my blessing!


Thanks for reminding me once again the I am temporal and love is eternal.
I end my day by doing a love inventory. Each night I ask: In what ways did I add to love today? Then I make a commitment to add to love even more tomorrow.
As I awaken I ask Love to lead my life. In this way I feel as if I am a gardener of love.

Perhaps Eternity is a

Perhaps Eternity is a bursting bubble. For You have given me the incredible capacity to find misery in Paradise; to lower my expectations to absolute zero and still be disappointed. "The good days are now" can be very frightening news.

Angel Joe

Dear Angel Joe, thank you

Dear Angel Joe, thank you for posting and your honesty. I love your writing style -- are you a writer? I'm sure everyone here has experienced what you are experiencing.

For most of us anyway, when we look back, sometimes we kind of miss those days even though they may have been rough at the time.

Please keep posting and reading Heavenletters. Look for something nice to happen today, and tomorrow, and make something nice happen for someone else.

Do you subscribe to Heavenletters?

God bless you.

With love,



Yes, perhaps eternity is a bursting bubble, Joe. You have an original way of looking at things which makes your comment fun to read even when it's not funny. Then again, a bursting bubble could be eternity.

I know a thing or two about finding misery in paradise, about cheap solutions and costly ones and nothing working and nobody knowing. After four years with Heavenletters I'm finding that misery is about having a history. That's old and bearded wisdom but may take time to grasp. Anyway, it seems more and more likely to me that eternity is a bursting bubble and misery, because of the longing and love it encodes, is close to paradise.

It's a question of attention span. In a lucky moment, attention span can be close to zero which means you're on the spot, past and future – thought – extending for no more than an inch each from here, from your mind and heart. That's where the bubble of time can burst and the great joy of misery is waiting. I have to label it that way because it somehow contains all the pain and happiness in the world but transmuting them into something new. Sorry for sounding abstract. Heavenletters are taking me there, asking only a little intention on my part.

Keep reading Heavenletters, Joe.


Thanks for sharing your awesome insights! May God bless you.