Herein Lies the Major Key to Happiness

God said:

If there were only One Key to Life, what might it be?

Aha, fortunately, there is more than One Key to Life. Whatever is important to you as an individual belongs on your list. Little by little, you may choose to cross off some suggestions from your list and add a few others.

It is understandable how money would feature on your list. Everyone knows that Life on the surface is easier when you have money in your pocket. At the same time, everyone knows – at least in theory – that money doesn't buy happiness or True Love.

Good health – everyone wants it and deserves to have it. On the surface, no one would ever desire poor health. I say on the surface because, deep down, sometimes, consciously unaware, someone carrying an illness may need this illness for one hidden reason or another. He may hang on to it, and, still, he is innocent.

It is also true that good health doesn't necessarily bring happiness. Plenty of people in excellent health are not appreciative of their excellent health while they have it.

Individual Love also has brought pain and sorrow, for attachment often masquerades as Love. Attachment disappoints all right.

Creativity is great happiness, yet even the most accomplished creative human Beings who have great joy in creating may often be great sufferers as well.

Is there no One Key that lasts a lifetime for everyone?

We know that expectation and interpretation can be deal-breakers. You do your best, yet one bug-a-boo is expectation, and another is interpretation.

You are wise to anticipate what you want and not be so quick to disapprove of what you get. At the same time, even all the Good Will in the world does not necesssarily bear the sweet fruit you seek.

How can it be that love and joy of life are so elusive? What kind of Boot Camp is Life anyway?

Yet happiness is always possible. Love is always possible. Health is always possible, and, I, God, am far more than a someday once-in-a-while possibility.

Wisdom and awareness of happiness are always available. If available, why, then, isn't everyone perfectly happy every moment?

Why aren't you, My dear friends, open to receiving happiness at every turn? Why would your happiness depend so much upon the outer twists and turns in life? Even Princes and Princesses are not happy all the time. The fact that Life on Earth is built in with opposites adds to the mix.

You would claim Eternal Happiness right now if only you knew how.

The Reality of Soul is happiness even as you seek it. Of course, you desire Peaks of Happiness.

When a young child and a great Old Master paint, both know happiness yet are not thinking of their happiness while they are in the state of happiness. You experience happiness. When you start to observe your happiness, it's not quite the same. What was once great happiness, now in retrospect, may hurt, for now peak happiness is no longer to be found

Pockets of happiness come to you from the outside, yet these pockets arrive in spurts. Something within you knows that happiness in Life goes far deeper than what occurs on the surface of Life. Here's the thing – happiness is found within you.

The Major Key to Life is you. Within you is the Key. Within you is Everything. And, of course, I too am within you, and I offer Myself to you. Find Me. Find Me now. Inevitably, hand in hand, We are Joy to the World.

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Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful Heavenletters every day. I have no words that can adequately describe how much Joy they have brought me. I am infinitely Grateful!

Thank God for the people who

Thank God for the people who love Heavenletters. They are a treasure. God bless you.