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Hello and Introduction~

Hi...umm...Gloria suggested I post my intro figured it would be best if I started with what I wrote to her.

Oh Gloria,

I'm so glad to have gotten in touch with you! No, I haven't signed up for the email letters my email addy isn't anywhere in the database yet. I went get the letter I wrote and will type it all out here. I may still mail it all though as it was written on paper a friend decorated for me...anyways...


Here's a note from God to you:

My Dearest Gloria,

You are a marvelous specimen of light in this world. Not every one takes the time to listen to me (God). You welcome me with open arms. You see thelight that I give and live in that light. You also do your best to help others see that light and walk in it. You doing your part is what makes things better. Better for yourself, better for others, better for the world.

Now, how fantastic is that? Marvelous, isn't it?! Have a marvelous day and do have a donut too. You've just met April and she loves them!

As always, God.


Here's what I wrote to you:

Dear Gloria,

I hope you enjoy the enclosed letter from God. He made me write his letter first. I'm sure it's only right though. Cheeky this morning he is. Probably had just enough coffee by now. (ha ha)

Your life is similar to mine on many levels. Religion isn't my thing. I think God still speaks. I've been taking notes for years of what God gives me to learn in my life and to share with others. The whole story is quite long.

One of my greatest joys in this life is to get and give the messages. It's all got it's own vibe that I am happy to be a part of.

For awhile now, I have been searching out the answer to what I should be doing on a larger scale. Trying to figure out what it all means, for me, for others. Seeing your site helped me to clarify alot of it. I am to do what you are doing, but in my own way.

God has always spoken through me about personal integrity, self-improvement, and awareness of personal actions in the world around each of us. He also loves me to share analogies to help in that understanding. i also think my venue is the old-fashioned mailbox. I love writing letters and so much comes through when the pen touches the paper. And anyone who can recieve a letter can be reached.

In God's Light, Be Blessed, April

Ps. On a more formal note, I would love to know how you treat the money side. Do you classify it all as a business, non-profit, church? I haven't figured this part out either. Any pointers, freely given, are much appreciated.

Thank you a bunch, April

Pss. Yes, I do love donuts and coffee!

So, if you've made it this far...I do what Gloria does...but more on a personal view level, not a whole world level. Finding this site today was a complete Godsend. Signs and all.

I hope you all are blessed. :D

Dear dear April, Thank you

Dear dear April,

Thank you so much for posting. It means a lot to have you share your consciousness here with everyone. We'll see where it all leads!

You make me think of so many things I want to say. Where to begin?

It is very powerful to receive your message from God. It bowled me over actually. That God is a rascal! :) Anyway, it was lovely. I thank God and you.

I certainly know the joy of sharing God's message. They're impossible to keep to ourselves, aren't they?

We must all be Godsends, all who post and all who read here. This is God's place.

How did you find Heavenletters?

I love the personal too, April. I find the internet very intimate. And it's so easy. And it's fast. If Heavenletters had to be mailed -- well, that would be so much work, time, and expense. Sometimes for me to just find a stamp -- it's too hard!

About money -- well, there isn't a whole lot of it!

I take it you live in U.S.? Initially I applied for non-profit status -- 503 I think it is. They turned me down. You have to know how to answer their questions, and I didn't, so it's kind of a game you play. Anyway, I gave up on that. I did form what is called a corporation sole as a spiritual organization. It's not mainstream. My feeling now is that until there is real income, what does it matter? But don't go by me on anything financial!

I haven't had a doughnut in more years than I care to say. I do remember when I liked chocolate-covered doughnuts with cream inside, as I remember. Nor do I drink coffee any more! I always do just what God says. I may wait for just the right moment.

Now, get yourself on the mailing list, dear April.

I think you might enjoy the blog too. It's very personal.

God bless you.

With love,



Gloria, Those chocolate


Those chocolate covered creme filled donuts are my favorite! What a delightful surprise to see that's the same of you! I don't have donuts every day. I do have coffee every day, lol. The donut thing became a joke among friends I think. Last year I moved from one part of Louisiana (in the US) to another and the nearest donut bakery is 35 is 45 different directions, lol.

I am glad my words were good for you. It makes me smile to hear that. I think God has the biggest sense of humor there is and alot of people miss that. Yep, it's wonderful to be a messenger.

How did I find you? I did a search for "God Mail" (on yahoo) just to see what I could find. There you popped up, just the site I needed to see. As I read your story and webpages...alot of things clicked. Very interesting indeed.

Over these past few years, I mainly share my words online, in a chat room for intuitive readers. When God gives me some profound words for someone (or myself), I write them down. Most are short, to the point, and full of thought. My kind of thing.

The internet is great for connections on so many levels, yes. I'm aiming for actual envelope letters and mail though. I have this huge desire to brighten mailboxes and lives with letters people can hold, affirmations/thoughts they can put in their pockets, and be a general delight as they read something I wrote while being in their garden, comfy chair, etc.... If I got big enough to be mailing out lots of envelopes, I'm okay with that.

Filing status as a business. That's what I thought, that non-profits were a bit of a mess and tricky as a $3 bill, lol. Ideas are forming in my head and a simple business plan will do. My reason for sorting it all from the beginning is because I'd like to have it all in a little building nearby. I'm thinking "small postal service/letter writing center/newsletter type thing/God thought letters". And I think it's best to have one address from the beginning.

Not to worry my dear, God sends signs, just like he did where you were concerned. It's all on track. :D

Have a lovely day, you and everyone that comes through this thread!
April Daisy~

What a beautiful name you

What a beautiful name you have...April Daisy -- Springtime...God's ever Presence...fresh as a daisy and what a blessing God brought you to us. You have a beautiful playful Spirit and I look forward to reading more of your beautiful posts. We are so blessed to be joining together to help create a new Heaven here on earth...bless you April Daisy.. let us continue to blossom and grow in each other's Presence.
With love,
mary sunshine

I may have been attracted by

I may have been attracted by all this talk of chocolate dough nuts! What an interesting name that is. I wonder if the "nut" part has anything to do with the shape? Well Senora Ghee, the moment for your dough nut treat as recommended by April Daisy is when I make you one with home made sour dough and natural chocolate or carob sauce!

Welcome Dear April!

Senor, may I please have

Senor, may I please have two?!!