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Heavenletters Rock


I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! What a surprise! This is so funny!

Beloved Yacu, wait until Lance sees this!

How do you ever get these expressions on our faces! How do you do it!

Thanks a bunch,

And, of course, now, oh, please, keep them coming!

A thousand blessings, Yacu.

With love,


P.S. Heaven Admin said this morning that I was going to have a surprise from you!

P.P.S. For those who may not yet know, Lance King,, is doing something GREAT for Heavenletters™ There are two other posts on the forum today about what Lance is doing for us. Go to Community and look under Forum Comments and also under today's Heavenletter! Hurray!


Funny stuff, I did break a cheap guitar in a performance "ONCE"... we were doing a benefit concert at a juvenile Facility in Red Wing, MN about 25 years ago, and we were outside, should have used the ground, but chose to use a young tree instead... felt horrible when the pick plate from the guitar face stuck in the tree like an axe, I hope the tree made it : ( That was the LAST time I did that!

It's easy to get caught up in the energy of a rock show lol, BIG LOVE and LIGHT to you YACO!

Wonderful !!!!! I ADORE

Wonderful !!!!! I ADORE Heaven Comics !!!!! it is fantastic indeed ! great !
much much love

Funny cartoon. Looks just

Funny cartoon. Looks just like Gloria!

Has my expressions!

Has my expressions!