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Heavenletters featured on Radio Show

This show was really a treat!

To read about it, click:

If you missed the show and want to listen in:


Click on Talk Shows.

Click on Download Talk show Podcasts. It takes just a second.

Then scroll down to The Phoenix Hour and click.

There is some exciting

There is some exciting information in this interview that the host of the show, Elizabeth Foley, gives.

Just checking to see if this

Just checking to see if this comment shows on Community List.

THANK YOU! I was gone during

THANK YOU! I was gone during your radio broadcast and was just reading your blog when your email popped in ... sounds like it went extremely well. I loved your answer to the question "Are the HeavenLetters getting more profound." I had had that question as well, and it was some time before I really made the connection that every time I reread one, it spoke to me in a whole other tone of voice. In fact, a couple of times when I read one in Michael's newsletter, it was like it was brand new! I checked my emails (I save all these) to make sure I hadn't missed these. Both times, the email had been opened. It was then that I realized I was looking at it with new eyes, new attitude, new awareness, so it hit me on completely different level.

That's what makes the button that generates a Heavenletter so much fun for me ... I sometimes get one I haven't seen at all because I'm still working my way through the early ones, sometimes one I haven't read in a long, long time, and ALWAYS there's such a lovely message that's so appropriate for me. I've been passing these on to several people who LOVE them and, if they haven't yet, will sign up for their own daily letters soon.

I do believe that Mark, Russ Michael’s webmaster, is setting up a blog for Michael as well. We'll see if he's better at writing his own blog than at adding comments to yours! LOL

I think I'll go back and enjoy some more of the blogs that I've missed in the past few days.