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Heavenletter YouTube Presentations

Heaven's beloved friend, Dr. Laura De Giorgio, has made several Heavenletter YouTube presentations for us:




The German YouTube presentation will come later today.

And here's the English:

It is so thrilling all the goodness that pours into Heavenletters. I am in awe.

It is Laura who once stayed up all night posting Heavenletters all over the web, and immediately brought us a slew of new subscribers. Maybe you are one of them!

How beautiful!!!

How beautiful!!! :wub:

The German YouTube

The German YouTube presentation is now up!

Thank you, dear Laura.

I don't think you ever sleep, Laura! I know each presentation takes hours and hours.

Gloria, do the words come

Gloria, do the words come from one and the same "Heavenletter" and wich # is it? It is sooooooooo beautiful!

Yes, the words in the

Yes, the words in the YouTube presentations are all God's words in Heavenletters.

C'est si

C'est si beau!




Laura, you created unforgettable moments with the visuals, music and of course, God's loving words!
Thank you for putting it all together. Much love to you,

I just noticed that on the

I just noticed that on the YouTube videos, there is a place to leave comments.

Don't know why, but I'm not

Don't know why, but I'm not able to open these videos now, will try again in another moment and hope to see them !


That's just beautiful

That's just beautiful Gloria!

Well done Laura!

Love and hugs to everyONE