Heaven News - Spring is Here! March 25, 2009

Opening God Quote:

“What if you really let go of your heart and let it be what it has always wanted to be? What if you no longer had ligatures in your heart?”

Heavenletter#2420 What If Innocence Took Over

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Welcome to Heavenletters, 4 First-time Countries!


Special Welcome to the very first subscribers from four countries – Hungary, Vietnam, Surinam and Swaziland (flags arranged in that order, left to right!). Welcome Naomi from Hungary, Soenita Kalpoe from Suriname, Obert Manyanye from Swaziland, and Tuyen Duong from Vietnam! And right away a second new subscriber came from Suriname. Welcome, Diana! Blessings to all Heavenreaders everywhere.

Here are photos of Obert from Swaziland and Tuyen and her delightful son from Vietnam:


I feel honoured

I feel honoured to be welcome as the first subscriber from Hungary! I was surprised as I opened the newsletter, saw the Hungarian flag, then I realised it was about me! Wow! Thank you for appreciating your readers.
It is a special community.
I have met Heavenletters through a friend on another community site, I am going to thank her too. Since then, I enjoy your daily inspiring messages.

Beloved Naomi, how happy

Beloved Naomi, how happy your response makes me. We are so grateful to every subscriber. Very happy that you are here and posting!

You are right that this is a special community.Please thank your friend on our behalf as well.

Looking forward to more of you, dear one.

New subscribers from all over the world and U.S

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Sun City, Arizona, Godwriting Workshop

The workshop was held in the beautiful Unity Church. The workshop was small but great.
For more photos of the workshop and about the incredible hospitality in Arizona, please visit:

sun city unity church

New Angels Spread Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!

Christine Duriat, Heaven’s main French translator, has attracted many sites and blogs that have also started publishing and circulating Heavenletters in French. For instance:


Merci bien, Christine!

jeff keller

Jeff Keller, a long-time Heavenreader, author and motivational speaker, included Heavenletter #3001 One Family, One World http://www.heavenletters.org/one-family-one-world.html in his newsletter which is usually all his own writing http://www.YourSpiritualJourney.net. Jeff is one of my heroes because he was so drawn to the spiritual that he gave up his successful motivational seminars to follow his heart. Interestingly, Soenita Kalpoe from Suriname learned of Heavenletters through Jeff’s newsletter. Also note – I love these connections -- that Shahid from India, who is highlighted below, introduced Jeff to Heavenletters! If it were not for Shahid...

heaven book

Micheal Teal of Canada has added Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, Open Your Heart, to his book site http://www.shelfari.com/theancientone and will be doing a review of the Heaven book soon. Thanks, Micheal!


Shahid Khatai, India, has been making amazing Heavenletter Youtube Videos in which he delightfully reads Heavenletters out loud. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBHpANr2tuo Follow the link to this video, and you will find the other videos Shahid has made and also spectacular videos created by Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Marlene Swetlishoff, both of Canada, and Mary Hession of the UK.

As you can see below, one of Shahid’s video was part of the Arizona workshop! Flash presentations have been part of previous workshops.

No New Translator This Month


We’re sorry there is no new translator this month. Looking at the bright side, this gives us a chance to include a photo of Margaretha, our Norwegian translator. She’s a model. She’s been on leave from translating, and we would love her to come back!

Heavenlettters in the Newspaper and website updates

Heaven Newspaper

Gloria and I have often played with the idea about Heavenletters going into mainstream media. When I saw Heaven #3040, Your Heart Makes the News Today, I had to post this.

Website Updates
The Heavenletters website is scheduled for an upgrade, which is in process. The first phase involves upgrading the present software application to its current version's latest release, to be completed by this Thursday. Please excuse any intermittent "site off-line messages" during the process. This means bug fixes and nothing new for you!

The next phase is where we upgrade to the latest version of the software which will bring a few neat little surprises. Hey! It's a surprise so I can't say! During that phase there may be a slightly longer down time (1-2hrs) as we update the database. The 2nd phase will begin mid-April and finish towards the end of the month.

Thank you for forming part of the Heaven Community and sharing Heavenletters all over the world.

Oceans of Love


Heaven Admin’s Radio Show - Supplementing your energy

Tune in on Sunday, April 5 at 11am Pacific time to hear Al Diaz ( http://www.thetitusconcept.com/ ) and co-host Santhan Naidoo (Heaven Admin) share their insights on "Supplementing your energy for a phenomenal 2009".

Please take into account time changes and daylight saving.

Visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao to listen.

You can also call in on this number +1 (347) 826-7680 and ask questions.

Listen in by phone or computer and also communicate with Al and Santhan by phone or through the computer. For the computer, register here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao “Supplementing your energy for a phenomenal 2009”

Dear Heaven Family, I was sitting at the beach this morning, staring at the ocean and wondering what is it that can increase energy levels. I reflected on my life, thinking about what does influence my energy levels and, consequently, how effective I am. I realised that seeing a larger portion of the Big Picture, experiencing more and knowing less has influenced my energy levels. In this conversation with Al, I will share practical knowledge that can be applied in everyone's life.

Santhan (Heaven Admin)

Dear Heavenreaders,

Your reading God’s words in Heavenletters is the most important gift you can give to us.

A friend of mine calls e-mails c-mails. C for consciousnessl. Heavenletters certainly are c-mail.

When you read a Heavenletter, you are in a special place. You feel something, perhaps a tiny bit more of a sense of peace or joy, a thread more of light, an added glimpse of why you are alive on Earth. This is all little by little, of course, and not always noticed.

And there’s more that your reading Heavenletters ensures.

Subtly, something of our higher vibration gets communicated to those around us – and extends further than our home, neighborhood, and country. God in Heavenletters has said we reach across the oceans and beyond, even as far as the galaxies. This happens without any effort from us. It’s a natural occurrence.

In addition, when we post our thoughts about the day’s Heavenletter on the forum -- or we read about someone else’s experiences on the forum and respond to other’s comments -- we all share in more light, and more of our higher consciousness is circulated around the world again. I know I get a high from your posted comments and responses on the forum and on the blog each and every day.

There are others who invest in Heavenletters in other ways as well -- the translators who serve Heavenletters and the readers in their countries, the tech angels who make it possible for Heavenletter c-mail to exist and reach you, those who do little-known services behind the scenes, and those who tithe to Heavenletters every month, or once in a while.

It’s amazing to me how a trip to the Farmer’s Market years ago inspired this story of By the Hat. http://www.heavenletters.org/hat.html

Your donations help spread the Light of Heaven.

Paypal allows you to contribute any amount to Heaven using your Paypal account or a debit/credit card. Gracias!

Cosmic Generator

Heavenletter Cosmic Generator
What good fortune comes up for you?

Ending God Quote

"If you can let go of a hot potato, you can let go of suffering."

Heaven #2925, Stars by Night and Sun by Day