Heaven News September 2, 2008

Opening God Quote

You are the star on the horizon, and you are rising.

Heavenletter #137 God’s Stars http://www.heavenletters.org/gods-stars.html

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Hurray, the Heaven book soon to be published in Turkey!

We are so happy to announce that Heavenletters™ Love Letters from God, Book One, will be published in Turkey in November. We thank Engin Vural, Heaven’s long-time Turkish translator, for introducing Heavenletters to the top spiritual publisher in her country and being instrumental in this joyous publishing event.

The name of the book in Turkish is HEAVENLETTERS™, Tanri’dan Sevgi Mektuplari, I. Kitap

The publishing company is Kuraldisi. Here is the link to Kuraldisi’s English page:

Kuraldsi’s owner is Nil Gun (left) and our editor, Seyfi Ongider.
[inline:3] [inline:1]

Both Nil Gun and Seyfi Ongider are published authors in their own right. In addition, Nil Gun gives many self-development and self-realization workshops and seminars. Seyfi Ongider is also involved in varied enterprises related to the publishing world.

Engin translated the book because she wanted to. When she had finished, she traveled from her home to Istanbul and knocked on Kuraldsi’s door, and was invited in and miraculously met with everyone there. Engin continued to keep in touch with Nil Gunn, and then, soon enough, Nil Gun said Yes! It is my understanding that our beloved Turkish publisher wants to publish the Heaven book because she loves the energy of Heavenletters and the Heaven Team, and knows that by uniting Heavenletters and Kuraldsi, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

The Heaven book is currently translated into German, Greek, and Romanian. We are proud to add Turkish to this list.

We are happy that other translators from other countries have also translated the Heaven book into their language, and they have personally gone to publishers as well. God is the Doer, and only God can make it happen. God says so often in Heavenletters™ that it is the doing that matters and not the result. Great applause to you. None of us knows what great things your attention has accomplished on the subtle levels, but we can know it has. One day a publisher in your country will also say Yes.

Thank you all.

Chicago Godwriting Workshop Cancelled

We were so looking forward to the Chicago Godwriting™ Workshop. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re sorry that it won’t be held at this time. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

As soon as Heaven Admin and I are on the Oneness Journey, we will work on an online workshop. We will want to include video and audio. Heaven Admin is a technical whiz. I have the text. Heaven Admin has all the know-how on putting an online workshop together. You will love it.

Meanwhile, if you would like to sponsor a Godwriting workshop in your area, we would love to hear from you.

Come to the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Form and the Blog!

NEW Youtube Presentations. Thanks, Marlene. You are dauntless!

Here are two more videos. Wait until you see these!

'Move On, Beloveds, Move On (Heavenletter#2798)

'A Gift of Light' (Heavenletter #2831)

There is one institution

There is one institution that presently tithes to Heaven every month. It is a synagogue in Colorado. www.pardeslevavot.org This lovely rabbi couple, by their acceptance and support of Heavenletters, make me feel closer to God. I am deeply grateful.

Sometimes I am so involved in details that I forget the big picture! Rabbi Nadya Gross recently reminded me when she wrote: “May your Heavenly work establish the Kingdom here on earth.”

Yes, that’s what we’re all doing here. Your donations help spread the Light of Heaven.

Paypal allows you to contribute any amount to Heaven using your Paypal account or a debit/credit card. Gracias!

Dear Heavenreaders,

The first time you don’t receive your Heavenletter, email us right away.

Look in your spam folder, just in case. Also sometimes internet service providers bounce your Heavenletters. If you are not receiving, please contact your internet service provider to make sure they are letting Heavenletters reach you.

You may be sure we want you to receive Heavenletters. We will do everything we can to see that you do. Be sure to let us know if you are not receiving. We don’t know unless you tell us.

With love and blessings,

On behalf of the Spectacular Heaven Team

Ending God Quote

“Now I will end with a message for you. Are you ready? Are you listening?
Here is the message: One. “

HEAVEN! January 22, 2000


The reflection of God was staggering! Such beauty iis hard to comment on. I was smothered in it. Love
George so full of you I can hardly move

a book called God's Photo Album

Aloha, Gloria. Aloha, HeavenLetter Readers,

I spent a long weekend at the Maui Writers Conference, where I met the author of God's Photo Album. Shelly Mecum is a delightful and energetic teacher. She truly believes that when your little school in Hawaii is about to close because there aren't enough students or money, you ask God for "a marketing idea." Like God, Shelly has a sense of humor and a practical side. She knows what will work. She knows that He will answer. And He did. Shelly's book advance saved the school, and her kids filled the book with wisdom.

Shelly was excited to hear about HeavenLetters. You are two birds of a heavenly feather, giving God the byline and living your truth every day. Could you both come for dinner tonight?

Much love,
Tracey in Honolulu

How about next week, Tracey

How about next week, Tracey in Honolulu!

Thank you so much for sharing Heavenletters.

Obviously, you had a great time at the writers' conference.