Heaven News October 30, 2009 - The World is One

Opening God Quote:

“From where does the will of the rose to bloom come?”

Heavenletter #105 The Rose of Your Heart

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Wow, European Godwriting ™ Tour

This was the trip of a lifetime. Heaven Admin and I were blessed with amazing people and amazing Godwriting Workshops. We were part of a great circle of love with God right in the middle. Supreme thanks to all the sponsors and all the attendees and all the hearts that overwhelmed ours. You are overwhelming us still.

Gratitude and blessings to the dear forward-thinking Sponsors. We don’t know how to thank you enough. Here are the sponsors:

England, Chris Macklen http://feelbetterwitheft.blogspot.com/ (on our right)
Gloria and Chris Macklen and family

Italy, Magda Cermelli http://www.Lightworker.it (in front)
Magda Cermelli

Turkey, Lale and Jale http://www.sifacemberi.com

Lale Jale

Israel, Edna Lande (on right)

The beloved translators who took the workshop are:

Engin Vural from Turkey (The g in Engin is pronounced like G in God):

Edna Lande from Israel (see Israel photo above)

Oldooz from Iran:
Oldooz and Gloria

Emilia from Italia:


Berit from Italia:

Not only do we have the best translators in the world, we have the most beautiful, do you agree?

I cannot mention the Godwriting tour without special mention of Heaven Admin who carried luggage, took care of all arrangements including renting a motor home, and added great dimension to the workshops. Everyone loves Heaven Admin. Here he is in action:

Here are some of the highlights of the workshops in the Godwriting ™ blog:





For fun, you’ve got to read these:



The Oneness Journey to Argentina is on the horizon

I'm (Heaven Admin) making my way to the US this Friday, October 30, first to California for a weekend workshop event (see below) and then to Fairfield, Iowa.

When I look into the eyes of any of my brothers or sisters, it is like the circle is complete. There is a connection and a divine realisation in that moment. Just the thought puts a big smile on my face. I know there will be many such moments while traveling through the US towards Argentina.

We are looking for a motorhome!
It has to be diesel so we can fuel it with bio-diesel and reduce our carbon emissions. At this stage we have several strong ideas on how to fund the journey. Please send us your ideas and suggestions.

In addition to getting closer to God through Godwriting ™ workshops, the theme of the Oneness Journey will be to create an international network of sustainable spiritual communities. There are such communities scattered through the Americas and the Oneness Journey will be used to provide a platform for sharing of knowledge and experience amongst these communities. This network will form one large international sustainable community supporting the development of more communities and providing stewardship for existing colonies. God will be the common reference point that will unite the diversity within these communities; and sustainability with highest respect and care for Mother Earth and all of life will be of highest priority.

We are thinking about doing a ceremony at each community which joins the network. And of course many Godwriting workshops along the way!

The intention is to start the journey as soon as we can, so both Gloria and I are focusing on this NOW! We will have an ongoing website to keep you up-to-date.

Godwriting Workshop tour in India!

Kambala who runs an orphanage in India invites us to a month-long Godwriting™ Workshop Tour – and he wants Heavenreaders to come too!

Where does something begin, and where does it end - if it ever does! Kambala received the letter about the Godwriting workshop that took place at the Dead Sea in Israel. He wrote:

My dear gracious sister Gloria,

It is the will of God. I believe it strongly and faithfully. This is the good season to travel in India and for the workshop of Heavenletters in India.

As one family, I am not only brother to you but entire Heaven letter family like Santhan, Edna and so on all over the world. We are human community in God’s love and HIS letters from Heaven, the presence of God Almighty.

So I invite you all once again, you and Santhan and Edna some one else who are in Heaven letters.

I called Edna after you left from Israel. She received me well and talked to me so nicely lovely kind compassionately. I love her so much. I told her how much you loved me and help me to run children service here in India as well as I told her that I am an official Heaven letters translator by our leader Gloria for my local language Telugu. She was amazed...please tell her about me more and what I am doing in India and how I am united with Heaven letters. Then she will come happily to India with you.

I will look after boarding and lodging for our Heaven letter team who come with you. Maybe 100 persons. No doubt the God is with me and my family full support with our team here to serve you for the workshop, and you can see rural India and so many wonderful things and projects which are run by me.

So prepare yourself to come and tell me the dates. I will prepare every thing for you all. Pass this news to every one if possible. Bring your daughter too. She is the future leader for humanity. Once you told me about her. My whole family will serve you every love as we are one family. Stay with us one month or one year no problem,

Your brother Kambala, here on earth and God is there in heaven.......so he will supply all our needs. Amen!!!!!!!!

With much love,

your brother kambala, India.

Gloria to Kambala:

Beloved Kambala with the big heart, will you kindly send us your translations?

How very much we would love to meet you and your family and team in India and to give Godwriting workshops in India. We will do it. God will tell us when. We just can’t name a time right now because the Oneness Journey is on the way!

Seeds of Newborn Freedom

Al Diaz

Are you in the California area? Al Diaz, radio presenter of the Ilumine-Ao spiritual radio show, published author and long time friend of Heavenletters, is hosting an event at his home in California this coming weekend. Read about it here: http://www.ilumine-ao.com/events/seeds-of-newborn-freedom/ Al has asked Heaven Admin (Santhan) to do a presentation on Saturday and Sunday. Contact Al to reserve your place: admin@ilumine-ao.com

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Ending God Quote

“Be awake to the more of you that quietly seeks to burst onto stage.”

Heavenletter #663 Cinderella’s Slipper

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Thank you!

A dear Heavenreader wrote:

Dear Gloria and Santhan,

Here is $300 for the ONENESS Tour. And please enjoy it even more then in Europe!!!

This is so helpful.

Just a note that I can't imagine enjoying anything more than the European Godwriting Tour. Is it possible? Well, we shall find out!

In gratitude,



I'm heading from US to Mexico City for Thanksgiving and would love to connect with any and all Heaven letters brothers and sisters. Anyone there can e-mail me and we can make the hook-up. Thank you Great Spirit...Always Rozes

Beloved Rozes, I just found

Beloved Rozes, I just found your response. Too late to be of help. I am so sorry because we do have some great subscribers in Mexico who would have wanted to show you around.

The tech angels are working on getting Heaven News where we will see responses such as yours on the Community Page of the forum so we will always know when there is response.

God bless you. Hope you had a great time in Mexico.

Just wanted to come back and

Just wanted to come back and take a look. Probably to memorize all that went on in Istanbul. I've missed Istanbul!

Thank you ALL,