Heaven News October 30, 2008

Opening God Quote

“There is you, mirth in My heart.”

HEAVEN # 2079 The Candy Store

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"Business and Spirituality as One” Our very own Heaven Admin...

...Santhan co-hosts with Al Diaz!

Santhan Naidoo

Sunday 11/02/08 11 am Pacific Time
(6pm in London - 8pm Germany - 9pm in Romania)

Al Diaz and co-host Santhan Naidoo share their insights on “Business and Spirituality As One”

Santhan Naidoo initiated a company named Khanyi Media after a little dog that came briefly into his life by no coincidence. Khanyi means light and respresents the Divine light within each being.

Knowing at a deeper level what his life purpose was, it would be a while before Santhan would allow that vision to clarify and dominate his activities. As he peeled off layer after layer, growing closer to divinity, his life purpose began to reveal itself in greater clarity.

Khanyi Media with its heart centered in God has grown into an international organization with projects in Romania, The United States of America, Argentina and South Africa. Khanyi Media is a corporation created to serve our world. Santhan Naidoo is the steward of this organization and is focused on using business in a creative and joyous way, to serve the divinity of every being, bringing harmony into our world again.

“I am a yogi and yoga in all its forms is the way I use to guide my life and interaction with the world.”

Tune in on Sunday, November 2nd at 11am Pacific time to hear Al Diaz ( http://www.thetitusconcept.com/ ) and co-host Santhan Naidoo (Heaven Admin) share their insights on "Business and Spirituality as One".

Please note that the clocks go back one hour in U.S. on that morning.

Visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao to listen.

You can also call in on this number +1 (347) 826-7680 and ask questions.

Listen in by phone or computer and also communicate with Al and Santhan by phone or through the computer. For the computer, register here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao

Al Diaz

Angels Who Spread Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!

People come from everywhere to help spotlight Heavenletters™ in the world.

The Centers of Light Directory

Les Carney

This beautiful Directory of Light is structured very interestingly. You will find Heavenletters listed under Iowa.
Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Carney.

Poner Central


A FREE service since its inception, “PONDER on THIS” http://www.pondercentral.com/ provides its subscribers with meaningful content to assist them on their individual paths of spiritual growth. In addition, it benefits subscribers, authors, and publishers by including “links” to Amazon.com and other Web sites where subscribers can learn more about the book being quoted, and also purchase it. In all instances these links are provided as a convenience, and do not generate any type of compensation for Pondercentral. Jeff Maziarek, author of Spirituality Simplified and Codi's Journey launched Pondercentral.com in 2007 as a web-based forum of weekday inspirational and/or thought-provoking” email messages he began sending to subscribers in March of 1999. It seems like Jeff and I first started sending newsletters out the same year! Jeff has graciously offered to include Heavenletters.

I love all the ezines and newsletters and Yahoo groups who have been circulating Heavenletters from the beginning. I will mention just a few:

Lady Isis http://home1.gte.net/ladyisis/

planet lightworker

Russ Michael
This is a photo of Russ Michael that I took at a Godwriting™ Workshop in Germany!
Age-reversal [at] aon [dot] at

HEAVENLETTERS, Ljubavna Pisma od Boga - Kniga Prva

heaven book

Sascha, tech angel and Yugoslavian translator, reveals the title of Heavenletters ™ , Love Letters from God, Book One, as it will appear in Yugoslavia.

This is what God said about this book:

"Each Heaven book that arrives at someone's home or country is setting up a satellite of energy that will light and lighten the world. Gloria, do not consider that you are merely shipping books. You are shipping Light."

Order your satellite of light here!

“There is love trying to be heard.”

Come play in Heaven Spiritual Forum and Godwriting Blog

Godwriting Blog
Have you read the latest blog entries?

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Jack the Country Boy (Jack the border collie gets a new home) - http://www.godwriting.org/godwriting/jack-the-country-dog-border-collie....

Stop by for a really good read! www.godwriting.org

Thank you, Heavenreaders, for your support!

Heavenreaders are creative. Recently a subscriber sent in $50. for a personal question to God. I waited for her question, but it did not arrive. I emailed the subscriber.

She wrote back that she did not have a question. “That donation was meant for someone else who may have an urgent question for God. When you feel the nudge, use it for that person.”

Immediately, I knew someone who fit the bill.

Isn’t that a beautiful true story?

And here is where to find the story of By the Hat. http://www.heavenletters.org/hat.html

Donations help to spread the light of Heaven. No donation too big or too small.

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Dear Heavenreaders

We have been destined to meet. Isn’t that remarkable? We have free will, and it sure seems to be destiny.

God bless you for being here.

With love,

On behalf of the Spectacular Heaven Team

Ending God Quote:

"Whatever your dreams of Heaven on Earth, they fall short. They do not begin to touch the reality of One Heaven/One Earth. I think We will call this exquisite combo Hearth ... No one will be able to tell the difference between Heaven and Earth, for they will have become Hearth ... Hearth in every heart will be known."

HEAVEN #2552, The Orchard of God’s Dream