Heaven News May 31, 2008

Opening God Quote

“Let's get that blossoming into your DNA.”
HEAVEN #2732 Roses, Roses, Roses

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Angel and Chee Got Married


Angel is the beautiful angel bride, and Chee is the happy handsome groom and co-editor of Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysics Magazine www.cosmiclighthouse.com who, along with Lee, chooses a Heavenletter to publish every issue. All blessings to one of God’s divine couples.

New subscribers from all over the world and U.S

Heaven Around the world

From 32 Countries around the world:

Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Chile Columbia Croatia Dominican Republic Finland France Germany Guinea Hong Kong India Ireland Italy Malaysia Mexico Morocco The Netherlands New Zealand Norway Peru Philippines Portugal Scotland South Africa Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom

From 37 States in U.S.

Arizona Arkansas California Connecticut Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New York New Mexico North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

Two Great Opportunities to Expand the Reach of Heavenletters


Dr. Kelly Wallace and Bernie Siegel on Internet Radio

Call in and ask your questions and give your comments!

Sunday, June 29 6 – 8 P.M. Pacific Time

Dr. Kelly Wallace
interviews Gloria on her radio show, Your Bridge between Mind and Spirit on www.WPRTradio.com

Kelly is a new subscriber to Heavenletters and just loves the energy.

Kelly wrote:

“We'll promote the heck out of our show! Yay! My producer will call you about half an hour after the show starts and patch you through to me. Then we'll just talk together like old friends. :) Listeners can tune in straight from the website www.WPRTradio.com. Click on the icon.“


Here are the call-in numbers:


Note: This coming Sunday, June 6, Al Diaz, a great friend of Heavenletters, will be on Kelly’s show.

It was Al who introduced Heavenletters to Kelly. Al is a success motivator and beautiful soul. http://www.thetitusconcept.com/ stream.

Bernie Siegel on www.healthylife.net

bernie siegel

Bernie Siegel
Bernie's approach is one of compassion, caring and love coupled with a wonderful sense of humor. He is one of the world's foremost physicians, as well as, a multi-book best-selling author, motivational speaker and advocate for individuals facing the challenges of all chronic illnesses.

Not only that, but beloved Bernie is also a long-time friend of Heavenletters, truly a friend, and he sure makes me laugh. Bernie wrote the foreword to Heaven’s book and to the Heaven CD.

The name of Bernie’s show is Mind Health Matters. It appears on www.healthylife.net It’s on the first Tuesday of every month 9am PST, 12pm EST

Bernie’s radio show featuring Heavenletters will be aired Tuesday, December 2 this year. That seems like a long way’s off, but it will be here before we know it. Anyway, Bernie is worth waiting for. Write it down in your calendar!

Of course, you’ll be reminded of this show many times before then. You can tune in Tuesday, June 3, and listen to Bernie interview his special guest. When Bernie interviews you, the show can only be special.

Happy Day! And now a Japanese Translator!

The above is how Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, might look like on the cover of its Japanese translation!
Naoko-san wrote:


Hello, thank you for always sending me Heaven letters. The messages are always timely and uplift my soul.

I came across Heaven Letters somehow, though I don't remember exactly how, when I was surfing the internet last year. The idea to translate Heavenletters into Japanese was on my mind from the moment I starting subscribing. The reason I didn't bring it up till now was because I didn't know how to go about doing things to realize this translation. However, at the end of April, I met a freelance editor and member of a non-profit publishing agent! This will be our bridge to over 300 publishers and 1000 editors in Japan.

I also think that the messages could be made into other products (stickers, calendars etc) in the future.

I will do my best to make God’s dream come true, and it will help so so many people here! It is an honor to be able to act as a bridge for the Heaven Letters.

God bless all Heaven’s angel translators

Engin Vural

Engin Vural, Turkey, who translates Heavenletters every day:
Engin has translated the Heaven book into Turkish and has been avidly pursuing the publication of Heaven’s book in Turkey. Blessings, Engin.

Heavenletters’ Outreach!

New Spirituality
Theophil, one of the three great translators who translate Heavenletters into German, has also been translating for the Humanity’s Team’s web site that publishes a daily newsletter of excerpts from Neale Donald Walsch’s work.

Gerry Harrington, Humanity’s Team Communications’ Director, delights us by substituting quotes from Heavenletters every now and then. We always know when Gerry has so generously done this because there is a huge peak in subscribers every time. Here is an example of Gerry’s post:

A Signal

“When you want to take over another person’s way of engaging in the world, that is a signal that it’s time for you to examine your own ways of engaging.”
Heaven # 2695 Practice Appreciation, Beloveds April 11, 2008

Thank you Gerry!

http://humanitysteam.org/ http://www.newspirituality.org/

Russ MIchael


There is no end to all the good that Russ Michael does for Heavenletters. It was Russ Michael who found the European publishers for Heavenletters™ Love Letters from God, Book One. Michael not only publishes a Heavenletter every day in his Michael Worldwide Newsletter (Age-Reversal[at]aon [dot]at) , Michael features quotes from Heavenletters across the top of his newsletter. Not only that, he highlights key points – thus adding a new dimension to Heavenletters – one that helps me to look at Heavenletters in a new light.

Michael, despite all his knowledge, books he has written and so forth, takes Heavenletters seriously. For instance, since HEAVEN #2697 Once in a Lifetime Day, came out, Michael continues to publicly name his days magnificently. Michael declared May 1 God on Earth Day. Michael said:


Repetition--thus EMPHASIS -- aids a learning process, as all Master Mentors know. Thus even though I posted this TIP here before--I consider it appropriate, and well worth repeating--here again, on this auspicious day--as well. For anyone interested in enlightenment and ASCENSION, HEAVENLETTERS are a tip worth repeating!!”

You can see more of Michael’s inimitable remarks here:


Spanish Website

Visit the Spanish web site: http://es.heavenletters.org

To subscribe in Spanish http://www.heavenletters.org/maillist/index.php

Thanks to all the many translators who translate Heavenletters into Spanish from the goodness of their hearts: Cecilia, Anita, Elisabeth, Gloria Helena, Margarita, Lourdes… If I omitted anyone, please post here to let us know who you are. Muchas gracias.
Many loving thanks also to Guadalupe from Columbia who shares Heavenletters in both English and Spanish with her many friends and encourages them to subscribe.

See YouTube Presentations in 4 Languages

See YouTube Presentations in 4 Languages

Thank you, dear Dr. Laura de Giorgio www.deeptrancenow.com for creating these presentations for Heavenletters.

Come to the fabulous Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum

Remember the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator

Remember the Cosmic Heavenletter™ Generator!

Your donations and support help spread the Light of Heaven.

Support where you receive your spiritual truths.

God wants you to remember how loved you are.

With love and blessings,
Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

“You have had an effect.

“You have had an effect. No matter who you may be, no matter what you have done, you have made a dent in the world. You passed through it, and the world is not the same. Whether you were given honors or not even noticed, whether you picked flowers or stepped on them, that you tread on this ground makes a difference. You lent an aspect to the world that no one else has or could. You may feel you have been a drop in the bucket, yet you were an essential drop. Right now, you are walking across the world, and you do leave footprints. Noticed or not, you leave them.”

Heaven #2712 Walking across the World

All I Can Say Is WOW!!!

Hi my name is Camerine . I have been reading these Heaven Letters for awhile now . i am disabled but i can move around pretty good , but last summer i was hit on my motorized wheel chair trying to cross the street where i live and there are no sidewalks and the cross walks dont work very well and i live in a business district. I crossed and almost got accross when a man in a pick-up truck came flying out of a store parking lot he had the windows up and a cell phone connected to his ear. I tried to yell to get his attention but he couldnt hear me! But i know that from this experience that since i had trouble with strength and feeling in my body from the broken neck i had when i was 2 , that God changed about 3 or 4 of my senses taste, hearing , sight ,and opening energies in my body that i can useualy feel strongly now that God helps me to use them to help heal others , especialy since i understand pain and discomfort since i have lived with it most of my life. i understand it when i see it in some one else. but what else im trying to say is that since i have been reading the Heaven Letters its as if 90% of the letters have fit to whats going on in my life !!!