Heaven News, May 30 2007

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!

All of Heavenletters is a miracle, if you ask me.
Here are four recent great deeds from Heavenreaders (in alphabetical order) that sure look like miracles to me:

Miracle 1 Alice, Maine

Alice from Maine
Alice’s email describes God’s miracle better than I can:

I am writing to you about sharing the gift of the Letters, and the amazing things that happen when people read them and let God into their hearts.

One day at one of the hospitals where I work, one of the administrators shared a personal struggle with me. A couple of weeks later, a Heavenletter appeared as if it had been written directly for her. I printed it out, and gave it to her.

The administrator then shared it with the executive director of the facility! The next morning, the executive director opened the dept. head meeting with it!

Now, every morning, the meetings begin with Heaven’s Letters! And the dept. heads appreciate Heavenletters - talk about them, apply them to situations that have occurred in the course of their work - and find new perspectives in doing their jobs.

This is the most amazing thing! Even the maintenance dept. is using this new way of thinking and "being."

Heaven letters are opening people’s hearts and shifting their thought patterns. The staff is smiling and laughing so much more!

Alice , R.N., C.M.H., Reiki, Rev., Maine

Miracle 2 Ekene, Nigeria

Ekene from Lagos Nigeria
Ekene is compiling a book of Heavenletters interwoven with his own experiences and knowledge. Ekene’s book will inspire, motivate, and heal many. Because many of his countryman are unable to be on the internet, Ekene is well aware of the need to have printed materials. I believe that Ekene’s book will be read worldwide.

Ekene expresses himself so beautifully:

I know you would want to know why I decided to do this project. It is how my heart feels. All my waking, all the words I read, all the Heavenletters I receive – everything has pointed towards me doing this project. I would love it to have anybody in my country be part of this journey.

If you are from Nigeria, will you kindly let us know that you are, and we will put you in contact with Ekene.

I like the slogan Building Heaven in My Country!

Khanyi Media has offered to help contribute to the costs of printing Heavenletters for distribution in Nigeria. If you would like to help as well, please send your donations to Heavenletters and indicate that they are for Heavenletters in Nigeria.


Ekene is creating a website and, among other things, will publish Heavenletters on his site soon.

Miracle 3 Translator

One translator has taken it upon herself to find a publisher for Heavenletters in her country. She initiated contact with a publisher and got herself an appointment in a major city. Getting an appointment with a publisher is not an easy feat, yet this determined translator made it happen. This Heaven News will probably go to press before we know the publisher’s answer. Meanwhile, I wish this beloved translator would share her story on the Translators’ Corner on the Heaven Community Forum. It is much too good to keep secret.


Miracle 4 Pedro

Pedro from Chicago and Peru
...originally from Peru, now from Chicago:

For the first time after subscribing for many many years, Pedro noticed on the bottom template of Heavenletters where it says it’s okay to copy, advertise, make bumper stickers so long as www.heavenletters.org is credited and there is no charge.

Pedro makes bumper stickers for a living on the side! He has already sent us a bunch as a gift. Here is how Pedro expresses his heart:

A gift from me to you and to world change, I want to be able to see the change in my lifetime and enjoy this Eden called earth if only perspectives will change, somehow it seems soooo...slow! I'll also make a few to take to Peru with me this summer and break those borders we see in our minds as laser beams we can't cross….

Some of the stickers say simply www.heavenletters.org

Some have this quotation:

“You are one who walks right up to life and says, ‘I’m here. Let’s go!’”

And some are the same in Spanish:

“Tu eres alquien quien camina direccho a la vida y dice, ‘Aqui estoy, vamos!’”

Welcome, New Subscribers

..from 18 Countries around the World and 33 U.S. States since last Heaven News. How happy we are to have you here!

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
The Netherlands
South Africa
United Kingdom

New York, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Connecticut, Ohio, Idaho, Alabama, Maine, Wisconsin, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Hawaii, New Mexico, Washington, New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, South Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, South Dakota, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, Indiana, Idaho, Maryland

Welcome, 3 New Spanish translators and 1 Hindi Translator

Welcome, Cecilia, who works at Khanyi and Mojah media in Argentina, and who has almost completed translation of the entire web site into Spanish. This will be the first foreign langauge website to be launched on the open source content management system implemented by Mojah Media.

Welcome, Copito, who is also from Argentina, and, welcome, Carlos from Puerto Rico, the Pearl of the Caribbean.

Carlos and Copito both come to us through the grace of Alexiis who also lives in Argentina and translates Heavenletters for us.

Welcome, Kambala from India, who will translate Heavenletters into Hindi. Kambala founded and operates an orphanage in India, and is really a father to the children. To read more about Kambala and to see lots of photos, go to the Godwriting blog www.godwriting.org and the entry called Children without Mothers and Fathers


Translators, if you haven’t yet sent us a candid photo, will you kindly send us one now?

Technical Volunteers Wanted

Are you good at computers? We have some temporary data work that would require as much or as little time as you have to give. There may also be other technical projects that come along. Ideas welcome, too. Tell us who you are.

No pay! Many rewards!

Please inquire within!

Missing Heavenletters

Annette, Heaven’s archivist, is looking for the following Heavenletters below, just as they were originally sent out. If you have any of these, would you kindly send them to us?

#1182 Jan. 28, 2004
#1183 Jan. 29, 2004
#991 July 4, 2003 (possible title: Everyone is One)
#1051 Sept. 2, 2003
#1069 Sept. 20, 2003 (possible title: That Which Is Inexpressible)
#1139 Nov. 30, 2003 (possible title: Words)
#1154 Dec. 15, 2003 - (possible title: Circulate What You Want to Receive)

Note: The last one: Dec. 15, 2003, apparently went out with both the wrong title and the wrong date so how can you find it?!!!

Thank you for commenting!

Have you noticed one of the greatest features of the new website?

Look at the end of the text of the Heavenletters you receive now. You will see a link that says Add Comment. All you have to do is press Add Comment on the Heavenletter you receive, and you will immediately be taken to a box where you can type in your comment and then press Post. It couldn’t be easier. It is a wonderful thing to have your comments up on the forum where everyone can see them.

I believe that with every posting, higher energy circulates through the world and helps to manifest the peace in the world that we all desire so deeply.

Besides, it’s wonderful to read your comments. Even one word from you is powerful and makes us happy.

It would also be great if you visit www.godwriting.org This is the Godwriting blog. There are a couple of recent entries called, interestingly enough, Thank you for commenting! The most recent entry is about a former junior high school student of mine. Your responses are wanted here too!

Dear Heavenreaders,

We are so grateful that you receive and read Heavenletters. You must know how integral you are to Heavenletters. I think of you as stars all over the planet, lighting up the night sky. It feels good just to know you are there.

God bless you abundantly.

With all our love,

Gloria and the SPECTACULAR Heaven Team

God Quote

"Reach out to Me today in the chambers of your heart. Come within. Put your hand over your heart so you can focus on My presence within your heart. Travel to this moment of Our Oneness and let your heart beat to the pulse of Mine. It is like setting your watch. Set the timer of your heart. Set your heart to say, ‘Awake to God, for He wishes me to know Him."

HEAVEN #62 Know God in Your Heart, January 4, 2001
Suggested by Jeff Keller, www.attitudeiseverything.com

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