Heaven News May 3, 2009 - Europe, here we come!

Opening God Quote:

“Your desires are the oars of My boat, and they bring you quickly to Me.”

Heavenletter #263 Where to Start http://www.heavenletters.org/where-to-start.html

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Welcome, Moldova! We are so


Welcome, Moldova! We are so happy to welcome another country that has come to Heavenletters for the first time!
Not only is Elizabeth Cusova our first subscriber from Moldova, right away she started translating Heavenletters into Russian! New country and new translator all at once! We are blessed.

Elizabeth Cusova
See beautiful Russian translations here: http://www.heavenletters.org/heavenletters-russian

Exciting News -- New European Godwriting Tour!

Emilia Novelis simply asked on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum to have a Godwriting™ workshop in her country, Italy. Now it’s happening! All because Emilia asked. (Of course, God may also have something to do with this!)

Then other active Heavensubscribers from Italy pitched in. Berit Delaini who has been like an angel to Heavenletters, filling any need we have – came forward. Patrizia Massi (Pitta) who makes the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum sing, rushed with her support, and Paula Launonen, Heaven’s stellar Italian translator (Paula was our very first translator) connected us with an angel, Magda Cermilli. Magda is a longtime Heaven subscriber who presents http://www.Lightworker.it It turns out that she also professionally organizes workshops in Turin, Italy, and would like to do this for us.

Here is Magda:

Magda Cermilli

Turin, incidentally, is known as the spiritual capital of Italy. Magda is quite sure that we will have sixty people attending the workshop. Thank you, Magda.

Then Engin Vural, long-time angel translator from Turkiye, sought out two subscribing angels, Jale Katalan and Lale Kulahli of http://www.sifacemberi.com/ who also organize spiritual workshops. We will have a Godwriting workshop in Istanbul as well! Thank you, Jale and Lale!

Jale Kulahli

Lale Katalan

But that’s not all! Stefan Gracher, one of Heaven’s German translators, who is visiting in Mexico right now, will look for a good organizer for a workshop in Germany as soon as he is back.

And, of course, we will also contact the two European publishers, Panos Axiomakaris of Greece, and Monica Visan of Romania, about giving workshops in their beautiful countries. Both Panos and Monica are well-known in their countries and have a substantial following who regularly attend their presentations.

Meanwhile, Heaven’s hero, Heaven Admin, offered to carry my luggage! Don’t you love how Heaven Admin puts things? Carry my luggage indeed! He will also will be a great boon to the this European Tour. Everyone has wanted to meet this magical Santhan who has made Heavenletters his own.

As soon as dates are confirmed – this will be soon -- we will send out a special edition of Heaven News. We’re anticipating that the European Tour will be in September, just prior to the Oneness Journey across the U.S. and down to Argentina. Below are photos of two workshops. The first photo is from Romania. The second is from Minden, Nevada.

Here are two photos of previous workshops:
Godwriting Workshop
Godwriting Workshop Europe

Here’s what Mimi, an artist in the Nevada workshop, expressed:


“I would describe the Godwriting™ workshop as a completely different experience...Others’ Godwriting really focused my heart as their questions were some that I had already worked out with God’s help, and others were similar to what I am trying to resolve now. I felt a strong kinship with everyone and truly appreciated the honesty in what they wrote to God...In this short time, I did feel something different – but I can’t really put it into words. Perhaps a strong feeling that we really are all One.”

If you would like to see more of the 2006 Godwriting Workshop tour in Greece, Germany, and Romania, start here with Athens: http://www.godwriting.org/godwriting/athens.htm and keep going!

And if you live in a country in Europe, and you would like to sponsor a workshop, please let us know right away. If you would like to help in Italy or Turkiye or know you would like to attend a specific Godwriting workshop, we would also love to hear from you. Actually, wherever you live, we would like to hear from you! Press the Add Comment link under the text of this Heaven News. That will take you to a box where you can type in your comment.

Angels Spreading Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!


Thank you, Shahid Khatai, for another great Youtube presentation!
Heavenletter #984 What to Ask God

Thank you, Christine Durai, Heaven’s French translator, who found yet another site that makes Heavenletters in French well-known. http://cozop.com

Love letters from God

Thank you, Micheal Teal, for writing a great review of the Heaven book and posting it on your Shelfari book site!

Thank you, Russ Michael, for sharing this email you wrote to one of your subscribers: “Nearly a year ago, one of the great Heavenletters that I post in my daily newsletter suggested we give each day a special name. Based on HEAVEN #3064 A Blooming Rose of Heaven, I named today Share Smiles with All. I name every day in my newsletter, and it is great how many of my days are filled up with more than what I named them! No mystery, since attention upon anything, "by Law" increases!!! (smile))) Have a grand day on this day I call "Share Smiles With All." Age-reversal@aon.at

Appreciation Goes Far and Means So Much

Thank you, everyone who reads and posts on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum. The consciousness of the forum readership is amazing and the comments inspiring. See what I mean from this post, one of many:

Jeff Keller

“Appreciation for all of you! Thank you, members and visitors, for making this site a refreshing font of Love. I appreciate you all so much, for from one perspective, this is not material for the faint of heart but for the full of heart. And I feel the fullness of all of your hearts! Hearts that are quite eager to know and live the Truth regardless of how the outer world would respond. Hearts that are so courageous and so willing to be the Love that so many others still seek in the outer world. Thank yourself for being so willing to Be the Love and Truth that reside within!” Jim Keller http://www.heavenletters.org/appreciation-for-all-of-you-14694.html

We recommend the Godwriting blog too! Great comments here as well! www.godwriting.org. Have you seen the recent series of question and answers about Godwriting. Profound insights here from Gloria and Heavenreaders about Godwriting. Here are the links:
More about Godwriting and the Kaballah
A Habit of Godwriting
Ease in Godwriting
Chuck asks a Question
Emilia and I both don't understand Godwriting
Amazing God - Response to Emilia continued

Dear Heavenreaders,

Please know how much we appreciate your reading Heavenletters, sharing them with your friends and families, and bringing more readers and subscribers to Heavenletters. It is our understanding that, by virtue of reading Heavenletters alone, we are contributing to higher consciousness and peace in the world. You are an essential part of Heavenletters. We hold hands in this together.

God bless you.

With love,
Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

Ending God Quote:

“All your creative ideas are grapes you pluck from the vine of My heart.”
Heavenletter #2130, Love in the Form of Ideas