Heaven News - Love is Bursting Out All Over, 14 May 2009

"Remember that you are here to be an instrument of My love. Consider yourself a flute of My love upon which music is played. Be My flute that makes music. I will recline and listen to the music you make that is Mine. All glory to the flute that plays My music for the love of all."

HEAVEN #3034 Play the Flute of God's Love

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New subscribers from all over the world and U.S

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18 International Countries since last Heaven News was compiled only. There are many many more countries that Heavensubscribers come from!

Argentina Australia Belgium Canada Germany Lebanon Lithuania Mexico Malaysia Netherlands News Zealand Norway Philippines Portugal Scotland South Africa United Kingdom Zimbabwe

27 United States

Alaska Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Idaho Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

[Note. Heavenreaders come from every state in the U.S.]

Welcome New Translator from Sao Paulo, Brazil


Welcome, Luciano. It is always a thrill when a new translator comes. We are so happy to have you joining Ana and Vera in translating Heavenletters into Portuguese. You may be sure we’re looking forward to knowing more about you on the Global Translator Circle.

All Heaventranslators are volunteers. You are definitely angels with wings. We honor each and every one of you. See the following note from a subscriber.

“It's quite wonderful to think that as we are reading our Heavenletters, there are people around the world reading the same Heavenletter in a different language and feeling the very same feelings and emotions that we are--some universal emotion not bound by petty human constructs such as race, ethnicity, nationality, tribe, religion. Rather we connect on the one and only level that matters--the human, humane level which is where God truly, surely resides.”

Jerry, Iowa, posted on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum

Divine Timing European Godwriting Workshop Tour

At first I was so disappointed that the European workshops were postponed until September, but my disappointment lasted ONLY UNTIL I received this email:

“God must have heard my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! June would have been impossible for me to attend. I did not say anything to anyone and prayed to God to help me not miss the workshop. Now here I am crying, for He knows my heart so well!!!! Now I will have time to offer some help as well. Oh, God, I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Now I, Gloria, couldn’t be happier that the European trip will be in September!

If you live anywhere in Europe and would like to help sponsor a workshop in your country, please let us know!

Angels Spreading Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!


Music from Heaven. Guido and Andrea of Trieste are creating Heavenletter Music on organ and flute and giving it to us. Guido is on the left, and Andrea on the right:

This is indeed music from Heaven. Wait until you hear it!

You may download the mp3 audio files here:

Heaven Admin wrote: “This music is transcendental. It just gets higher and higher and left me soaring.” Gloria wrote: “This music from your souls is the most beautiful music I have ever heard.”

Al Diaz

Thanks to Al Diaz, Author of Being the Titus Concept, for including a Heavenletter in his newsletter. Al does not usually include other people's work in his newsletters. He chose HEAVEN #3034 Play the Flute of God's Love http://www.heavenletters.org/play-the-flute-of-gods-love.html This is the same Al Diaz who has interviewed Heaven Admin and Gloria on his radio show!
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao www.thetitusconcept.com


Thank you, Berit and Fydor. Berit Delaini of Italy faithfully posts Heavenletters on Fyodor’s site, Spiritual Events, every single day. http://www.spiritualevents.net/articles/list?category=Latest The generosity of heart from Heavenreaders is incredible and so appreciated.

Dean Shrock sent me his new book, Why Love Heals!
I’ve got to tell you, it’s hard to put down. The book stands on its own, but it’s also wonderful that Dean includes a Heavenletter in his book and says nice things about Heavenletters! Thanks, Dean.

carol adler

Highlights of Carol Adler’s Heaven Book Review on Amazon

Heavenletters™, Love Letters from God, Book I

by Gloria Wendroff (Introduction by Dr. Bernie Siegel)
1st World Library (2004)

Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book I is like a rose unfolding, petal by petal, page by page, to the inner essence of what it is like to be fully alive and unconditionally in love with God and the world.

This book is God’s gift to humankind.

Hold a Heavenletter up to the light and turn it this way and that. Let it reflect new colors, new visions and deeper feelings about yourself and your world.

Every so often, a Heavenletter will deliver a “quotable” that you will want to copy into your journal for future turning and turning, and turning again, as Talmudic scholars used to say when reflecting on a passage from the Torah. Each “turn” delivers a different insight and a deeper meaning.

Carol Adler, CEO/President of Dandelion Books, LLC and Dandelion Enterprises, Inc., is a professional ghostwriter, publisher and writing coach. McGraw-Hill published her book on holistic medicine (1991) endorsed by Deepak Chopra, M.D.; she has ghostwritten over 40 books and has published 3 novels and 4 books of poetry!
www.dandelion-books.com www.write-to-publish-for-profit.com

See the entire review and all the other book reviews here: http://www.heavenletters.org/heavenletters-love-letters-from-god-and-aud... . Here's the link on Amazon for Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book I.

Dear Heavenreaders,

Next to God, Heavenreaders are the mainstay of Heavenletters. Your very presence does so much for us. From your reading Heavenletters, your very consciousness rises. Just from your reading of Heavenletters, you also touch the consciousness of those around you. We are talking about the subtle levels, and there just is no knowing how many people each of us affect. It’s like you are stars that blink on all over the world.

We also sure thank you for sharing yourself on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum and on the Godwriting Blog.

Naturally, many like to share with us what gives them joy and so many send forwards to us. There are so many delightful uplifting forwards, and yet we humbly ask you to refrain from sending forwards to us. We receive a lot of them. There are so many we can’t read them. Furthermore, all the forwards slow down my computer and sometimes my computer crashes from the overload! With apologies, please no forwards! Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you so much for reading Heavenletters.

With love and blessings,

On behalf of the Spectacular Heaven Team

Invest in Heaven!

Thank you for your tithes and contributions to Heavenletter. You must know that it is the love your giving represents that means the most to us. Heavenletters are all about love.
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Ending Quote

"Beloveds, let go of the past. Let bygones be bygones. Let them go. Why would you keep bygones to you? Why would you press them to your heart like a dear love letter? Even love letters you have to let go of. The love will stay. You don't need the perfume of the past. You need the freshness of this very instant of Eternity."

HEAVEN #3034 Play the Flute of God's Love

thank you for your loving presence

Robert Adamson