Heaven News July 29, 2009 - Heart and Soul

Opening God Quote:

"Maybe, just maybe, you are lovely just as you are."
Heavenletter #3161 Hearts and Souls

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You Are Invited! European Godwriting™ Workshop in September, 2009

Join Gloria and Santhan! Deepen and expand your personal connection to God. It’s easy to Godwrite. Anyone can do it. There are no prerequisites to learning except to be a human being! Come to the workshop! Say Yes! Say Yes now!

Workshops are presented Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1-5. Note: It’s one workshop in two parts.

Brugge, Belgium hosted by Leen, Heart of the Rainbow http://www.heartoftherainbow.be September 12 and 13.

Istanbul, Turkey hosted by Lale and Jale, Sifa Cemberi http://www.sifacemberi.com September 19 and 20

Turin, Italy hosted by Magda, Lightworkers Italia www.lightworkers.it September 26 & 27

Please press the Add Comment link at the end of this Heaven News and tell us which workshop works best for you.

Gloria and Santhan on Internet Radio Monday, August 3

Barbara Dixon hosts Spirit Speaks www.blogtalkradio.com/spirit-speaks.

barbara dixon

The show starts at 10 a.m. EST Monday morning, August 3. It’s a one-hour show, and we want you to call in. (646) 727-3956 Santhan and I want to hear your voices, and we want your questions and comments! Please call in! Your participation will make the show soar! If you haven’t yet heard Santhan speak, you have a spectacular treat ahead of you. And if you have heard Santhan speak, you will still be amazed!

Here’s the link for the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Spirit-Speaks/2009/08/03/HeavenLetters

Barbara is a long-time subscriber and friend to Heavenletters. She is a life coach and the author of 7 Principles for Purposeful Living www.mindfulresolutions.net
7 principals for purposeful living

New Upcoming CD with Gloria and Bernie Siegel and More


What does God in Heavenletters say so often – Change your thinking! And what are we here for -- To love.

And here are these two young men saying the same thing and doing everything to make love shine in our world.

There is a revolution going on. Justin and Aaron call it Love-olution http://love-olution.com/ Aaron and Justin are LOVE-olutionaries. I think each one of us who reads God’s words in Heavenletters is a LOVE-olutionary too!

Aaron and Justin are interviewing about ten people to include on their CD entitled the Power of Love. I am thrilled that they are including Heavenletters. When Aaron interviewed me, I discovered that he had interviewed Bernie the day before. This is Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author of Peace, Love & Healing, long-time Heavensubscriber, my dear friend, and one of my heroes. What a thrill this is for me to be on a CD with Bernie. Interestingly, Bernie funded the Heaven CD we have. You can’t help loving Bernie. God bless him.

As soon as the Power of Love CD is available, I’ll sure announce it.

More Angels Spreading Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!

ekene okechukwu

Ekene Okechukwu, Nigeria, is a long-time subscriber and booster of Heavenletters. Just recently he posted on the forum:

“Yes, I have been posting Heavenletters on my forum daily for more than one month now. I then use Facebook news feed to post it on my Facebook profile. This is my little way of spreading the wonderful Heavenletters, and my friends love it!”

We thank you so much, dear Ekene. You know the value of sharing. We are grateful for every new subscriber who comes. And new subscribers come to us through people like you who share Heavenletters. Thank you.

jochen lehner

Jochen Lehner, Germany, says extraordinary things about Heavenletters on the forum. And he means them, and proves them every day:

"Today it strikes me as something deeply mysterious that we have God’s words every day and then perhaps ponder them and then, although in widely different parts of the world, chat about them on the forum as if we were sitting around a table in the shade of a tree – let’s take the old pear tree in my garden.

"What was so difficult about God’s words for all those millennia? We obviously need a few years to shake off those millennia and hear God’s words as straight as they come…What a time we are living in! Having the right view or faith or the wrong one … is over. It’s over!

"We read Heavenletters, and some of us feel moved to mention what stands out for us, and we grow a little every day without making growth a project or production. Something not yet “grasped” today may become clear tomorrow, some not-yet-enough growth can suddenly be reached any day.

"I have worked with most of the spiritual resources around over the years and found them all deeply inspiring – and they will remain inspiring for many, I’m sure.

"Personally, however, all of that, all of it, dropped from my hands when I found Heavenletters, I simply left all of that with not one backward glance. It’s just one of the things that can happen, and it may happen with another source for someone else. No one can tell.

"For me, Heavenletters are something else altogether and incomparable."

Gary Johnson

Here’s a recent comment from Gary:

"I don't have any doubt that Heavenletters are from God because the information matches what I have received from assorted archangels, ascended masters, councils of Light, not to mention that from some of my space brothers and sisters. The information is awesome, and I strongly recommend it to everyone who will listen. Gloria, even though you already know that you are blessed beyond limit, I would bless you once again for your work on the planet."

Gary Johnson, Colorado http://www.phenomenon1111.com/rainbowchamber.html Thanks a bunch, Gary. I love your words and your photo!

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Ending God Quote:

"You are a stargazer. You are a star-searcher. You absorb stars. Like a diamond ring, you wear a star on each finger."
HEAVEN #68 The Starlight of Knowledge