Heaven News February 1, 2008

Opening God Quote:

“The horse of life cannot go fast when you hold on to the reins.”
from God’s answer to a personal question

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The Radio Show

The Phoenix Hour, hosted by Elizabeth Foley www.divinehealing.us is over.

In my opinion, this was the best interview I ever did. How to account for this? Perhaps experience, yet I think it was something else. All the interviewers have been as wonderful and welcoming and warm and as positive about Heavenletters as Elizabeth, so I think it was the liveliness of people calling in and commenting and asking questions that made this interview exciting.

If you would like to read about this interview, click here:


If you would like to listen in to the show, you can! Click here to download the show


Not a Hit but a Miss

A web site with a readership of 250,000 women asked for authors to tell about their books.If this site chose your book, they would feature a video presentation. Naturally, Heaven applied for it. I spent a lot of time on this. God’s words and your words were the very best of the Heaven presentation. I do not know who could resist God’s words, your testimonials, and your photos.

Well, they did. We got turned down very quickly!

Nevertheless, this site is high in my estimation because they did offer this opportunity, they did reply, and it was a most courteous reply. They thought we just weren’t a good fit. The site that turned us down is more into the relative than the spiritual. Of course, as I see it, the spiritual is a great boon to business and employment and every area of life. My thoughts are a given, but it’s their thoughts that count in this matter, of course.

I also like to think that something was accomplished nevertheless. Energy went into the presentation. The lovely representative of that organization now has heard of Heavenletters. And we don’t know how far on the subtle levels our submission may have reached. We may never know.

Here are just a couple of the delightful testimonials:

“I cannot tell you how much Heavenletters mean to me. I cry for the beauty of the words –

I laugh out loud - I gasp with realization...and Heavenletters get me moving!”

Chris Macklen,England

“I have often recommended A Course in Miracles to my clients. Now I am delighted to also recommend Heavenletters, for they too answer the deepest questions of the human heart.”

Dr. Laura De Giorgio, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist


I’ll include more of these in the next Heaven News!

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A Personal Message from Heaven’s Creative Director

There was once a yogi who lived in a cave. He sat and meditated most of the time. His cave got dusty. One day a young man came by the cave and saw the yogi deep in meditation. The young man saw the cave could do with some dusting and cleaning so he cleaned the cave. The young man came by every now and then to clean the cave. He found that his spirit was lifted everytime he visited the cave to clean. The yogi asked for nothing nor did the young man, yet the circle was complete as they both gave to each other what was in their capacity.

Heavenletters will continue to be shared and spread through the world to all seeking souls looking to awaken to their true nature. We are a spiritual organisation and are funded by your contributions. We thank you for your support.

Santhan Naidoo

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Missing Heavenletter #2619

We're sorry! Control and Judgment Go Hand in Hand was not sent out. Maybe you have read it on the site. If you have not yet read this Heavenletter, click here to read it.

Ending God Quote:

“The sky is blue. Clouds are white. You are true, and My delight!”
March 6, 1999 http://www.heavenarchives.org/y1999m03/y1999m03p02.html#b

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"The horse of life cannot go

"The horse of life cannot go fast when you hold on to the reins."
from God's answer to a personal question

that i like

horse sense
they know the way
just keep them on the road
and you will find your way home

Do you have any idea how

Do you have any idea how much I enjoy your comments! A word from you, dear friend, lights me up! Yes, horse sense!

Glory be Gloria! What a

Glory be Gloria! What a surprise to see my face staring out at me from Heaven News! Well that was me on holiday in Costa Rica March 2005 and now it's Feb 2008 and I'm at home in England in the cold. How are your plans for travelling south coming along?