Heaven News January 28, 2009

Opening God Quote

“Beloveds, what is not a miracle? Are you not a miracle with the sun's light on you?”

Heaven #2972 The Illumination You Stand In

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New subscribers from all over the world and U.S

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Sweet Heae Amin:

You have noticed along with me how the Heaven Letter Forum as grown!

Heaven Letter show the wonder of your work Dear Heaven Amin. Thanks

George reading like mad to catch up

The Incredible Upsurge of New Subscribers

Somebody has been spreading Heaven's light recently! Was it you?

New subscribers have been doubling, tripling, and quadrupling, and we don't know where all the new subscribers are coming from!

I remember way back when I would jump for joy for four new subscribers a month! And now Heaven Admin is talking about 200 - 300 new subscribers a day! Wow!

On that day, I will recline in a hammock with a big smile on my face, feeling content that God's desire for millions of Heavenreaders had been fulfilled. May that happen soon.

We thank everyone who has been spreading the light of Heaven. If you would like to accelerate the growth of subscribers, here are some tried and true ideas.

  • Forward Heavenletters to your friends and mail lists. What a blessing to receive a Heavenletter from a friend. So many subscribers were introduced by friends. Maybe you were too.
  • Tell your friends to subscribe and receive their own Heavenletters.
  • Post Heavenletter quotes in other forums that you visit, with reference to the source.
  • Post Heavenletters in your Facebook or Myspace profile.
  • Link to www.heavenletters.org from your website, blog or profile on other websites.
  • Use the "Email this page" link below each Heavenletter.
  • Use Heavenletter quotes in your email signatures!

What other ideas do you have?

It is our understanding that the more people who read Heavenletters, the more peace our world will have.

Introducing 2 New Great Translators! French and Romanian


Christine Duirat from France wrote:

I am so grateful for this meeting at this moment of my life -- just what I need, nothing more, nothing less. These daily words echo in my divine inner self. It is a pleasure for me to receive, every day, this letter in my mailbox, and a pleasure, every day, to translate it. I would thus put my translations on the site and I am going to try to translate some letters beforehand for those who wish to receive them in French. The translations should be rather good, for I have in my heart not to betray the text. I feel my wings growing now that I am promoted translating angel!!

We are so grateful to have Christine here. There are many French Heavenreaders who want French translations every day who will also be so grateful. You can read more about beloved Christine here:

Carmen Todoran

Carmen wrote:

I have made corrections to the two letters and then they are ready I send to you . I translate them for enriching my spiritual world. I never thought that they will read somebody else. Maybe are some mistakes. but with time, all translations will be better.

I feel each letter is written special for me. Each teach me new things. God bless everyone who makes this possible!

Thank you for joining the translation team Carmen. We already have many subscribers for Romanian Heavenletters after the Godwriting workshop in Romania who will be looking forward to read your translations. You may read more about Carmen here: http://mastivenetiene-carmenpantea.blogspot.com/

Heaven Sutras, Printer friendly Calendar and Ebook

This is something special! It has to be, because it's a gift for special folk.

image of Heaven Sutras

We've been busy on the calendar since December. Here's what it has:

  • specially selected quotes for each day of the month
  • moon phase indicator
  • astronomical phenomena for the year
  • space for you to jot notes
  • printer friendly with guides for cutting and binding!
  • beautiful typography and custom graphics
  • both rolodex and book layout
  • foreword by Bernie Siegal and Introduction from Gloria

We will give you an electronic document that you may print at home, cut and bind together with rings, string or whatever your creativity brings about. Or read for the simple pleasure of God's words!

Can you imagine what a beautiful gift this will make!

Stay tuned for a special broadcast email with the details on how to download. Oh, it's free by the way! Here is a forum post to let us know you are interested: http://www.heavenletters.org/sneak-preview-of-heaven-sutras-13979.html

New Angels Spread Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!

Gary Johnson from Denver, Colorado, http://www.phenomenon1111.com/rainbowchamber.html presented us with a great idea. He wrote:

I just love the YouTube video of God Would Do a Song and Dance. It brought tears to my eyes. I didn't know you had any of the Heavenletters on video. Is there any possibility of getting that on a CD and any others that you may have for my library? I would love to share them with the people who come to my Rainbow Chamber. If so, just let me know how much they are.

Heaven Admin, can we do this?

Thanks to Marlene from Canada who created many of the Youtube presentations and reminded us that we haven’t yet mentioned the Youtube presentation that Stefan translated for us into German some time ago. Here it is:

Many thanks, Marlene and Stefan.

Someone else wrote in – I’m so sorry I lost track of who it was – please tell me who you are:

I knew about Heavenletters through another good website www.bettertobless.com under their Request Blessings section. Someone wrote in & posted your website suggesting that we check it out. Anyway, I am glad I did.

Dean Shrock banner
Dean wrote:

I receive and greatly enjoy reading Heaven Letters daily. I am just finishing my new book, Why Love Heals. I know that you want others to know about Heaven Letters, and I have told people about them. May I have permission to use a Heaven Letter, #2949, Multiply God’s Joy, http://www.heavenletters.org/multiply-gods-joy.html in my book? I would certainly reference your website. Thank you for all the inspiration.
Gratefully, Dean Shrock


Later Dean sent me what he wrote about Heavenletters. What he wrote is beautiful. Dean took bits and pieces from The Complete Story of Heavenletters
http://www.heavenletters.org/story-heavenletters-all-one-page.html and put it all together beautifully. Dean’s new book will be published soon. I can’t wait.

Incidentally, Dean learned of Heavenletters through our good friend Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Godwriting Workshop in Phoenix in the Works

Carol Maurer and Judy Powell offered to sponsor a Godwriting workshop in mid-February in Phoenix. Due to my fractured shoulder, we’ve had to put the workshop on hold. Hopefully, we can schedule it for March. Carol sponsored a previous workshop in Great Falls, Montana. Many thanks, Carol and Judy.

Come play in Heaven Spiritual Forum and Godwriting Blog


Godwriting Blog

There has never been such a forum as Heaven’s. I can say that because of the beautiful insightful people who post there. I gain so much from what Heavenreaders post every single day.

I love the Godwriting blog too. Again, it’s the comments that beat all. Come join us at www.godwriting.org . Some highlights:
- Xena the warrior princess (She's so beautiful! With pics.)
- You might as well know
- The Past Keeps Turning Up

Dear Heavenreaders

Although the Calendar book is called Heaven Sutras, you are the true Threads of Heaven. There are God’s words, and there are Heavenreaders. This is an unbeatable combination.

We’re so glad and grateful that you are here.

God bless you.

With love,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

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Invest in Heaven! Here’s where to find the story of By the Hat. http://www.heavenletters.org/hat.html
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Ending God Quote:

Based on Heavenletter #2971, You are Many-Dimensioned Facets of Yourself,
Jim Keller couldn’t resist posting the following delight on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum, and I couldn’t resist posting it here as well!

“With no armor, a heart will have more amor.”

An inspiration

Wow Gloria you are an inspiration and a proof that it doesn't take millions of dollars to change the world. It all began with your commitment to God within you and to sharing the blessings you received with the world and the truths you share resonated with the core of other people's beings and people from all over the world keep on joining, and getting involved, first because they find themselves transformed by the Light of the Heavenletters, and because they desire to share that Light with the world.

So many times I get emails from people who say they want to make millions of dollars so they can help the world, and they use lack of enormous amounts of money as an excuse for not really doing much either to help themselves or to help others, but those who genuinely care for making this world a better place begin by sharing the blessings and talents which they already have, and all that is needed so they can contribute on a larger and larger scale comes into their lives, in whatever form is suitable.

For years I have been sharing the information about the Heavenletters with people who are spiritually inclined. Now, I'll make sure to point out to all those who say they'd like to do something for the world but can't because they don't have enough resources, how Gloria and Heavenletters are changing the world, and what one person, who lives for God can build by igniting the Light of inspiration in all who come her way.

Love and blessings to all,

Laura De Giorgio
deeptrancenow [at] mac [dot] com

Wow! Awesome, Gloria and my response

Here it is 11:30 in the evening and I read the whole thing to the end. Even watched the German u-tube presentation. Loved all of it but I was especially pleased with the growth thing.
Darling Gloria please don't misunderstand my gushing about you. I call everyone darling and feel that I was destined to live in the Magical Kingdom of His glorious reality. I have to admit that I have a crush on you but know I'm one of thousands who melt with your words. You happen to be a God creation that helps me through each day. I have to admit I'd like a signed photo but then I can just go look at the u-tube I saved. Love

George worships you at a distance

Heaven Admin just told me

Heaven Admin just told me that there are some responses here -- and what great ones too!

Beloved Laura, you have been an inspiration to Heavenletters from the very beginning. It was you who stayed up one whole night, sending Heavenletters everywhere, and bringing us fifty new subscribers. And you have continued to be an inspiration ever since, generous beyond measure.

You are a true light in the world.

And you, beloved George, you are a constant bright light on the forum. You stir everyone's hear, only I have to keep reminding you that it is God alone that we worship, but, of course, you really know that!

With love and blessings to all,


Gloria: God is a Typist of extraordinary skill.

Honey, God gave you your name "GLORIA" because of the Glory He had in mind. We know it's not your glory and we don't worship you but you help us thundering idiots learn of HIS glory. It really is your standing still in HIS presence to listen to HIM that makes us respond to HIS voice that seems to come from you, but only come through you. Our fondness of the form Gloria causes us to be mushy at times but only in the reflected light of the Letters He sends to us. How else can we thank you precious one?

George sucking his hurt finger

By loving God, which you

By loving God, which you already do!