Heaven News Holiday Edition

“All there is is love, and you and I are It.”
HEAVEN #434 More About Love

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For years, Bernie Siegel has

For years, Bernie Siegel has suggested that we make a Heavenletter Calendar book with Heavenletter quotations. This year an e-book. Next year a print book.
Here are a few favorites, though, truth be known, all the quotations are my favorites!

“You are here for a reason, and you can be sure that the reason is not to complain.”

Sow the Seeds HEAVEN #2549

“Take a walk with Me today. We shall walk through the inner chambers of your heart. I will show you how big your heart is, and all the Vastness it encompasses. I will point out the walls of love, and the floors of love. There is no ceiling on love, beloveds. Love rises. You will see that there is no length to which a human heart cannot go. There is no end to it.”

The Vastness Your Heart Encompasses HEAVEN #2886

mustang heart
Your Heart Is Meant to Be Young
HEAVEN #1948

Santhan, Heaven Admin and Annette, Heaven’s Archivist, gave their hearts, time, and skills to this Ebook for you, as your gift for the new year and an era of love! The book will be in easily printable format, that you may print at home and will contain moon phases as well as a calendar for the year. Wow! Watch for details.

Did you miss 1 or 2 Heaven Radio Shows?

gloria, bernie and al diaz

Listen in to Bernie Siegel and Gloria Talk about God
This link takes you right to the show. Don’t miss hearing Bernie. http://www.ecstreams.com/HealthyLife/wma/bs1202_wma.asx

Listen in to Al Diaz and Gloria talk about Godwriting™ Don’t miss this show. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ilumine-Ao Scroll down.

And for your reading enjoyment, visit the Godwriting blog and read:
Bernie's Show

Bernie's Show Continued

I Was Fabulous (Al Diaz’ show)

It’s your time for a phenomenal year in 2009 Radio Show

santhan naidoo and al diaz
It’s your time for a phenomenal year in 2009” with our very own Heaven Admin

Al Diaz and co-host Santhan are...

Setting the stage and creating the foundation for all who participate to BE put in the position of having a phenomenal year in 2009.

Al has scheduled a marathon of seven amazing 1hour radio shows to start the New Year and Santhan will co-host the 5th show with Al. There is also a gift that will be shared at the end of the show, so tune in!

Sunday 1/4/2009 11am Pacific
9pm South Africa, 8pm Germany, 7pm London

Visit this link to listen the show live via the Internet and set a reminder by email.

New Turkish Youtube Presentation

Mary Heission
Thanks, Mary for making the Youtube presentation.

Engin Vural
Thanks, Engin, for translating so faithfully.
If you are part of a Youtube presentation and you were not yet mentioned in Heaven News, please let us know. It would be my mistake, and I would like to make up for it. So please tell me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and

...Happy New Year from Our Hearts to Yours.

Shall we set the tune for the holidays and for this new year with some Heavenletter quotes?

" You are bringing the stars down to Earth. You are planting them in every cubby. The moon hangs low so you can reach it and hold it under your arm. The sun is not too hot to touch. It emblazons itself in your heart. Expand, expand goes your heart. The Earth becomes a balloon. It catches Heaven, and the two merge and become One. All the planets applaud. The Earth revolves a new way. It has to."

New Year’s Eve - HEAVEN #2228

" There is no such thing as a New Year. You know that. Where is the beginning of a circle? A circle doesn't begin nor end.
I would suggest that you celebrate the New Year every day!"

This Year of Days
- HEAVEN #1502

" Let My son Christ be inspiration for you. Do not let the magnificence of his life deter you from your own. Let his bright light shine on you. Let it rejuvenate you. Do not put him so far away from you. Do not idolize him. Love him. He shines for you. He shines on you. He shines within you. Let him bound forth from you in joy."

Jesus Was Born, Christ Was Risen - HEAVEN # 427

May God bless you a thousandfold, and all your dreams come true in 2009.

Thank you, Heavenreaders. Thank you for all you do for Heaven, your sharing Heavenletters, your service, and your beautiful hearts.

We love you.

The Spectacular Heaven Team
Heavenly Translators
All the Angel Volunteers

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Commment on the Berie Seigle interview

Gloria I had time during the holidays to listen to your talk with Bernie S. it was fantastic! You lite my wick!

George getting to glow (you bring out the gleam.) you and your wonderful team.